Nothing is truer than Ezra Miller declaring that queer people are just better at sex than straight people

Ezra Miller to straight people: 'We're better at sex than y'all'

Our monarch Ezra Miller has declared that LGBT+ people are better at sex than cishets and we have no legal choice but to stan.

Miller, 27, made the comments in their March 12 interview for GQ’s Modern Style issue.

Rather than talking about queer people struggling for equality, Ezra Miller said that non-binary, genderqueer, trans and otherwise gender non-conforming people are “fighting for regard of our supremacy”.

“Straightness and cis-ness and whiteness and racism, as in the belief in race, physical appearance as a determining factor for fucking anything, including ethnicity, ethnography – these are all like the circus, the carnival, the Hollywood instead of all the different storytelling practices,” Miller said.

“All these things are relatively recent colonial inventions,” they added.

Ezra Miller, who broke into mainstream consciousness with their 2011 title role in We Need To Talk About Kevin, spoke at length about how recent the invention of the Western gender binary is.

“The idea of the LGBTQIA plus plus plus ad infinitum community are not new,” Miller said.

“These conceptions of gender roles – that’s what’s new.

“In Hawaii, there is a word, Mā hū , which almost [translates as] ‘that which is becoming’. Like an idol not quite formed. In Hawaiian native understanding, everyone has kū [male spirit] and hina [female spirit]. Everyone is trans.”

Expanding on this, Miller – who is also one-third of band Sons of an Illustrious Father – went on to talk about how queer people, particularly people who exist somewhere under the trans umbrella, are inherently superior to straight and cisgender people.

“We’re not fighting for equality,” Miller said.

“None of these conflicts against systems of oppression are fights for equality.

“They are fights for accurate regard of supremacy.

“We’re better at sex than y’all. We’re better at art. We’re better at warfare.

“These are things carried in the old understandings of so-called, whatever-you-want-to-call-it: non-binary, queer, genderqueer, trans, gay, lesbian.

“Just like the neurodiverse peoples, these people are all sacred beings, superior to other beings.”

Ezra Miller confirming that trans people are superior to other folks? Motion passed.