Gay emergency room nurse pleads for queer people to stay indoors amid coronavirus pandemic

As premiers and presidents across the world lockdown their countries amid the spiralling coronavirus pandemic, gay men are faced with a question like no other.

To hook-up, or not hook-up?

Top scientists, health authorities, epidemiologists and advocates are urging people to practise social distancing measures in an effort to flatten the climbing curve of COVID-19 cases, but some folks continue to ignore this.

Hospitals will soon be overwhelmed with patients they can’t treat properly, doctors say, and one emergency room nurse took to reddit to please that LGBT+ head advice and stay indoors.

‘There’s a time and a place for everything’ says gay nurse. 

Scrolling through social media and seeing gay men hitting clubs, pulling other guys and hanging out in large groups is “the biggest slap in the face ever” to one gay nurse.

On the r/askgaybros board, the nurse went on a winding “rant” about “gay men who post on social media about going out during this pandemic.

“There’s a time and a place for everything,” he said.

“During this pandemic going out is absolutely not the time to be going to festivals/bars/clubs and bragging about it.

I see these posts about how fun their weekends were not knowing the repercussions the world is yet to face. As a ER nurse working in the frontline is the biggest slap in the face ever.

“I’ve worked countless hour trying to protect myself and others with limited PPE and treating patients.

“And seeing posts saying things about how fun the weekend was or how great it was to go out after a depressing week of news makes me sick.

“I especially am infuriated by the men who are well educated and continued to go out and decide to post about it.

“Men who are fishing for likes on social media and have no idea what kind of privilege they have.”

‘Heck, if anything, Grindr is more lit-up now than in regular times’

As the coronavirus outbreak winnows fear and paranoia across nations and many world leaders enforce harsh measures – such as the shuttering of theatres, restaurants and clubs – the public are being urged to minimise contact with others.

Front-line medical staff are doing all they can to prepare for an incoming wave of coronavirus patients. Worrisome for healthcare providers, however, is people treating the pandemic like business as usual.

COVID-19 itself is not sexually transmitted, but it can be spread through kissing as well as through coughing and sneezing – meaning that there is some risk of transmission if you hook-up with someone who has coronavirus.

“If HIV couldn’t stop people from having unprotected sex with a stranger, you really think COVID-19 will stop them from going out,” one reddit user mused.

Grindr has issued a coronavirus alert to users

Grindr has issued a coronavirus alert to users. (Grindr)

“People are choosing to be ignorant because party, sex and drugs are more important than a fucking life, you might not be that affected by it, but some boomer, or a cancer patient going through treatment, people whose immune systems are weak, they can die because of your lifestyle.

“Please stay at home.”

Another added: “Heck, if anything, Grindr is more lit-up now than in regular times.

“I told a guy that I work in restaurants (two of them) and he didn’t care, still wanted to meet up, I declined.

“It’s becoming painfully obvious that a lot of gay men are all drawing from the same two brain cells.”

How is the coronavirus impacting the LGBT+ community?

The pandemic has pelted the LGBT+ community, with advocates sparring with racism comparable to the homophobia of HIV/AIDS pandemic, porn studios closing, Pride parades cancelled, crucial pro-LGBT legislation shelved and the dire shortage of blood donations chaffing with anti-gay legislation.

One gay man who acquired the virus voiced his concern to the community, detailing his symptoms: “I don’t want anyone to go through what I am going through right now.”

In a lithe hospital gown, Tarek Soliman, a costume designer, urged people to “stay home”.

He added: “This isn’t something small we are dealing with, be responsible and stay home. I don’t want anyone to go through what I am going through now.

“Stay safe.”