Voice of the millennial generation Hilary Duff wants everyone to ‘stay inside and stop killing old people’

Hilary Duff coronavirus COVID-19

Hilary Duff has offered some stern and important advice to young people everywhere as the coronavirus continues to spread across the world.

Amid reports that some young people are ignoring social distancing guidelines and going out partying, the Lizzie McGuire star – who is easily the voice of a generation for her famous Disney Channel series – decided to issue a stark warning.

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Hilary Duff said: “To all you young millennial a**holes that keep going out and partying, go home. Stop killing old people.”

Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff has urged those who can to stay at home to fight the spread of coronavirus.

The actress, who is currently self-isolating in her home with her husband and children, has posted extensively on Instagram about the pandemic.

Earlier this week, she shared a piece of advice which read: “Your grandparents were called to war. You’re being called to sit on your couch. We can do this.”

“You may have seen this already but a friend of [mine] posted this and I had to share,” the actress and singer wrote.

To all you young millennial a**holes that keep going out and partying, go home. Stop killing old people.

I know for all the parents out there… these days are tough to get through entertaining multiple little ones… becoming teachers, cooking, cleaning, no break, repeat.”

However, she urged people to “be responsible” and stay at home on their sofas where possible.

“We can get through this together if we all do what’s recommended,” she added.

Governments across the world are urging people to engage in social distancing to stem the spread of COVID-19.

More than 200,000 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic last week.

Governments in affected countries are now calling on people to engage in social distancing, or to isolate themselves completely from others if they have come into contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus.

However, there have been concerns that some younger people are not heeding warnings about COVID-19. It is thought that some young people are ignoring guidelines as they believe that they will not be badly affected if they contract the coronavirus.

Health officials have warned that those who contract coronavirus but don’t have severe symptoms still risk passing it on to people who are more vulnerable.