Celebrity Bake Off star Judge Rinder spent his time in the tent flirting with Noel Fielding and getting ‘wine drunk’

Noel Fielding and Judge Rinder on Bake Off

Celebrity Bake Off contestant Judge Rinder confessed that much of his time in the tent was spent flirting with host Noel Fielding and getting “wine drunk”.

Judge Rinder joins The Great Celebrity Bake Off on Tuesday (April 7) alongside Carol Vorderman, Mo Gilligan and Kelly Brook.

The TV judge baked up a storm in the tent to raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer, but found himself a little distracted during filming.

Speaking to The Sun, Rinder admitted that he found himself crushing on host Noel Fielding.

“I love Noel,” he said. “In fact there’s a moment he came up to me and said I smelt and looked gorgeous, which I can’t lie, made me very cheery.

“But then he said I smelt like bubble bath from the 80s, so I was a bit worried I smelt like Matey.”

Bake Off star compares Paul Hollywood to a Jackie Collins character.

Judge Rinder also had kind words to say about judge Paul Hollywood, who he said he found “alluring” but “threatening”.

“He looks like a character from a Jackie Collins novel if they committed affray.”

He joked about being glad the show was made before social distancing became a part of everyday life.

Judge Rinder in a Bake Off apron

Judge Rinder is one of four celebrities talking part in Bake Off this week. (Channel 4)

“I’m not going to say what sort of shake I got, but I definitely got to touch him.”

Of his competition, he said that he struck up a particular chemistry with Vorderman.

“I got to stare at her buns all day. They are resplendent… her baked buns.”

During his time in the tent, Rinder ended up getting “wine drunk” on some booze he’d bought in to decorate his bake.

He told Good Morning Britain: “I thought it would go to waste on my cake, so I drank most of it.

“Because it was on before 9pm, they weren’t able to show me quite as drunk as I was.”

Judge Rinder recently lost grandad to coronavirus.

Last week Rinder shared some sad news with viewers of This Morning, paying tribute to his 92-year-old grandfather, who passed away after contracting COVID-19.

“You know the thing is that he survived the Second World War and was a man that was determined and conspired to see joy in the world,” he said.

“As much as there is terrible and appalling news out there we also as a community, as neighbours, as a country need to remember there are thousands of people recovering from diseased every single day.”