The Flash movie may now get cancelled after shocking viral video of Ezra Miller grabbing a fan by the throat

Ezra Miller's role in the upcoming 2022 movie The Flash is in jeopardy, a source close to Warner Bros has claimed, after the star was caught 'choking' a fan at a bar in Iceland. (Warner Bros/Screen capture via Twitter)

After fans were left stunned as footage of actor Ezra Miller appearing to grab a fan by the throat before hurling them into the ground, the upcoming Warners Bros The Flash film may be cancelled.

According to a source from the movie studio familiar to Lords of The Long Box YouTube channel, the video which went viral Monday sent shockwaves across Warner Bros, who are now allegedly hesitant to go along with the 2022 release date.

As the backlash towards Miller intensifies, some fans of the DC Comics franchise now want Grant Gustin – who played the Flash in the CW television series – to star as the lightning-fast hero instead.

How have Warners Bros reportedly reacted to the footage of Ezra Miller choking?

The source said that the clip of Miller clenching a female fan’s throat before pushing her to the ground rattled Warner Bros executives.

Warner Bros will now investigate what happened in the incident, which occurred outside a bar in Iceland. Based on what conclusion is drawn, the source claimed, the film entirely might be canned.

Moreover, executives are wary that Miller’s involvement in the movie may ensnare the soft relaunch of the DC Extended Universe with the choking scandal, the source claimed.

And their involvement in Fantastic Beasts 3 is also in jeopardy, which is why Miller was in Iceland to begin with – for filming purposes.

Fans now want actor Grant Gustin to star in The Flash

Countless fans took to Twitter to plead for Warners Bros to make an actor swap, as one user stated: “Grant Gustin is the only possible Flash.”

And the user was in no way alone, as timeline became stuffed with demands that Miller is substituted for heterosexual actor Gustin.

Fuelling the flames of controversy they came director and screenwriter John Daley, who reportedly ejected himself from The Flash citing creative differences, according to Comic Book News.

He then tweeted Monday: “Creative differences.”

Rumours have swirled and dented the development of the hotly-anticipated reboot, with claims that directors and writers have sparred with Miller over what direction to take the Flash.