Ezra Miller makes first public comments since controversial allegations at The Flash premiere

Ezra Miller attends Los Angeles premiere on The Flash. (Getty)

Ezra Miller has made their first public comments since seeking mental-health support last year following a string of misconduct allegations.

The star, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, made headlines last year, facing charges for felony burglary, harassment and disorderly conduct, as well as accusations of “grooming”, and a guilty plea for trespassing in January this year.

After stepping back to address their “complex mental-health issues” in August, they made a public appearance for the first time in almost two years at the Los Angeles premiere of their long-awaited DC film, The Flash.

In a short speech at the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, on Hollywood Boulevard, on Monday (12 June), Miller began by praising director Andy Muschietti.

“I love you maestro, I think you’re amazing,” they said after being introduced by Muschietti. “Your work is nothing short of monumental.”

Miller went on to thank a number of film executives for their continued support, including Warner Bros Discovery chief executive, David Zaslav, the film group’s chairman, Michael De Luca, and MGM group president, Pam Abdy, as well as Justice League director Zack Snyder.

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In particular, Miller acknowledged “the dynamic duo”, DC Studios’ bosses Peter Safran and James Gunn, expressing gratitude for their “grace and discernment and care in the context of my life and bringing this moment to fruition”.

They went on: “I want to thank…. our irresistible dream cast and the thousands of artists and workers who made this movie, everybody who supported us, in our lives and in the world and everybody who supported me, in my life, and in the world, along this trying and very beautiful peregrination.”

Miller walked the red carpet dressed in a white blazer with black lightning patterned detailing, black trousers and gold rings, with their hair in a topknot. They were joined by co-stars Ben Affleck and Sasha Calle as well as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Chastain and Maribel Verdú.

Andrés Muschietti, Ezra Miller and Barbara Muschietti attend the Los Angeles premiere of The Flash (Getty)
Andy Muschietti, Ezra Miller (centre) and Barbara Muschietti at the Los Angeles premiere of The Flash. (Getty)

Miller previously played DC Comics’ lightning-fast superhero in 2017’s Justice League and its 2021 counterpart, Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Described by Gunn as “one of the best superhero movies”, the first reviews from critics have been overwhelmingly positive. The plot follows The Flash/Barry Allen using time travel to prevent the murder of his mother. He is then flung into an alternate universe where he meets his happy, trauma-less self and Michael Keaton’s Batman. But they soon have to band together to save the universe form a bigger threat.

Although fans have questioned whether the 30-year-old screen star is fit to resume their role as The Flash, Safran, Gunn and Muschietti have vocally defended the actor over the months, with the director expressing enthusiasm to get them back on board for a sequel.

Talking to The Discourse podcast, he said: “If [a sequel] happens, yes,” referring to having Miller back, adding, “I don’t think there’s anyone [who] can play that character as well as they did.”

In February, Safran addressed Miller’s future by saying the star was “completely focused on recovery” and they would decide “when the time was right”.

The Flash opens tomorrow (14 June).

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