‘She’s got fire’: Queen Latifah reveals her celebrity crush on a Brazilian supermodel

Queen Latifah reveals her celebrity crush on a Brazilian supermodel

Queen Latifah has opened up about having a massive crush on Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima.

Speaking on an episode of Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk on Wednesday (April 15), the actress got candid and opened up about her celebrity crush.

Queen Latifah and her Girls Trip costars, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith, were talking from their homes via Zoom.

They talked about everything from a possible Girls Trip sequel to their favourite lockdown looks.

But it was when they moved on to celebrity crushes that Queen Latifah, 50, got really animated.

Hall, Haddish and Pinkett Smith all talked about the celebrity men they have the hots for – including Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will.

And then Queen Latifah opened up about her own celebrity crush.

“I like the girl. She’s a Brazilian model,” Queen Latifah said, at first struggling to remember her supermodel crush’s name.

“Ooh, you’re talking about Adriana Lima. She’s a cutie,” Pinkett Smith affirms. “Yeah, she’s a cutie for sure. She’s got fire, too.”

“Oh yeah, that’s my crush,” Latifah confirms, sticking her tongue out and using a sexy voice.

“Yeah, she got fire. I like her. That’s my girl right there.”

Brazilian supermodel and actress Adriana Lima, 38, is best known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

She was the longest-running model, and named “most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2017.

Queen Latifah has a queer repertoire.

The musician and actress has played a string of queer characters over the years, including Chicago’s Matron Mama Morton and bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith in ‘Bessie’.

But the singer, who closely guards her own personal life, was not always so comfortable playing out characters on screen.

She opened up to InStyle in 2017 about the pivotal moment she accepted a role as lesbian bank robber Cleo in 1996 film Set It Off, her first time “playing gay”.

She picked the moment as one of her hardest career decisions, adding: “When I got the role of [Cleo], I sat down with my younger siblings and told them, ‘Listen, I’m playing a gay character. Your classmates might tease you or say negative things about it. But I’m doing it because I believe I can bring positive attention to the gay African-American community, and I believe that I can do a great job as an actor’.”

Queen Latifah also famously performed a mass gay wedding at the Grammys in 2014, helping dozens of same-sex couples to tie the knot.