Britain’s ‘first gay dad’ gives surprise update on pregnancy with daughter’s ex-boyfriend

Barrie Drewitt Barlow first gay dad

Britain’s “first gay dad” who is expecting via a surrogate with daughter’s ex-boyfriend has given a surprise update on the pregnancy.

Multimillionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made headlines with his then-partner Tony Drewitt-Barlow when, in 1999, they had twins through a surrogate, becoming the first same-sex couple to do so publicly in the UK.

But last November, Barrie revealed that his 32-year relationship with Tony had come to an end after he fell “head over heels” for his daughter Saffron’s 25-year-old bisexual ex-boyfriend Scott Hutchinson, with her blessing.

The 50-year-old and his new boyfriend told The Sun last month that their family was set to expand significantly, as they were expecting triplets through a surrogate.

Britain’s “first gay dad” told the newspaper: “I am overjoyed to share the news that Scott and I are pregnant with triplet girls. We are using a surrogate and she’s fallen pregnant at the first attempt.

Our family has too many boys and too much testosterone! So we used sex selection to even things out. We know we are having girls.

But now Drewitt-Barlow has revealed that they are not in fact expecting triplets after all.

He shared ultrasound footage of a baby on Instagram, with the caption: “Wow my favourite little person in the world right now. Can’t wait to tell you what her name is.”

One confused commenter wrote: “Are you not having triplets?”

Drewitt-Barlow simply replied, giving no further explanation: “No babes, just the one.”

In the interview with The Sun, the couple said they were shopping for a Burberry-themed £100,000 nursery for their new daughter, which they described as “the ultimate princess palace”.

‘Britain’s first gay dads’ had five children before re-coupling.

In 1999, the couple became the first reported queer men to have children via egg donors and surrogates in Britain.

Saffron and Aspen, both 20, were conceived from the donor eggs of Tracie McCune and carried by surrogate Rosalind Bellamy.

But Aspen has an identical twin, Orlando, who is 16.

This is because the embryo from which Aspen was born split in two and frozen for four years before being placed in the womb of surrogate Donna.

Twins Dallas and Jasper, both nine, were conceived from a Brazilian model egg donor.