Disney set to give Hercules a live-action remake and the internet wants Harry Styles and Lizzo to star

Lizzo and Harry Styles holding hands / Hercules

Disney is reportedly developing a live-action remake of Hercules, and the internet wants Harry Styles, Lizzo and Ariana Grande to nab starring roles.

The Hercules remake will reportedly include the songs from the 1997 animated classic along with a few new tracks, according to The Disinsider.

A director has not yet been attached to the project, but some rumoured candidates include the Russo brothers, who are best known for directing Marvel films including Avengers: Endgame, as well as Jon Favreau and Gore Verbinski.

Casting for the Hercules live-action remake is said to be moving at full steam, despite the coronavirus, with Disney reportedly considering holding auditions for the film through Zoom.

Though the film has not yet been officially announced, it will come as little surprise that the internet has gone into overdrive, and people are already sharing their cast suggestions.

Harry Styles stans have jumped on the idea of him playing the titular Greek god, and it looks like they won’t be letting it go anytime soon.


Another Twitter user had some pretty perfect ideas for who could play the Muses in the live-action Hercules.

Needless to say, plenty of fans are calling for Ariana Grande to be cast Hercules’ love interest Meg after her stunning lockdown rendition of “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” earlier this month.

Others argued that Janelle Monae should be one of the Muses, and it’s hard to disagree to be honest.

People are also very eager to see Lizzo get in on the Hercules fun.

Disney has not yet confirmed the rumours, but a Hercules remake would be in line with the studio’s move in recent years to make live-action versions of its animated classics.

Recent animated films to get the live-action treatment include The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.