Madonna announces she’s had coronavirus in peak Madonna fashion: ‘I’m going to breathe in the COVID-19 air’

Madonna shows viewers the singed paper she's typing on. (Screen capture via Instagram)

Madonna has not-so-casually announced that she plans to “breathe in the COVID-19 air” after claiming she has coronavirus antibodies.


Madonna made the claim in a surreal Instagram video to her 15 million followers, clacking away on a typewriter until its paper “caught on fire”.

Writing in day 14 of her “quarantine diary”, the 61-year-old singer gives a windingly poetic speech on the philosophical impacts of the pandemic, before adding that she has tested positive for antibodies.

She explains that she “took a test the other day”.

“I found out I have the antibodies, so tomorrow I’m just going to go for a long drive in the car,” she says.

“I’m going to roll down the window, I’m going to roll down the window and breathe in the COVID-19 air.”

It remains unclear whether she suffered any COVID-19 symptoms.

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Madonna is on coronavirus lockdown in California.

Madonna has been on lockdown in her California, US abode, from where she has posted an array of videos of herself scrubbing floors to Young Thug songs and helping her children with homework.

In her latest post she sits perched behind her typewriter in a candlelit room, her desk cluttered with miniature bird cages, vinyls and yellowing books.

With whimsical piano notes in the background, Madonna begins to discuss how her paper burning evokes how she is feeling “consumed” by her “own confusions”.

She says she feels “unwilling” to spar with the people she’s in quarantine with. “I hate myself for this pettiness,” she adds, explaining she finds the desire to be right or to win people’s favour pointless.

Overall, she wishes to be “released from the bondage of giving a f**ck”.

Madame X ponders grand philosophical questions, such as why light blinds us. 

Madonna then emphatically proclaims: “One more observation and that is that when a great white light shined in your eyes, you are always blinded.”

The video then hurtles into a close-up of Madonna’s eye, as her voiceover continues: “How can light make you blind?”

After running out of paper, she then asks her “naughty little candle” to “go to bed”, before blowing it out, something fellow pop queen Britney Spears should take note of the next time she lights vanilla candles in her home gym.

Antibody tests have emerged as a potential pathway to how the US will reopen itself from lockdown, but health chiefs stress that testing positive for antibodies doesn’t necessarily mean the individual is immune to COVID-19.