YouTuber sinks to the lowest of the low with cruel prank handing out rotting vegetables to homeless trans people

(L) Two trans women were handed instant noodle boxes by a YouTuber in Indonesia. Inside them were rotting vegetables and stones. (R) Ferdian Pelaka issues a fake apology video after backlash. (Screen capture via YouTube)

When two homeless trans women were given paper bags plump with groceries, their faces, once weary and hollowed, suddenly beamed with happiness.

With the deadly coronavirus rampaging across Indonesia, the women both shielded their faces with their hands and clutch bags as YouTuber Ferdian Paleka rolled up in his car and handed out vital essentials to the pair in Bandung.

Other trans folk in the outskirts of the city alongside children were given boxes, on May 1, that Paleka told them were filled with food. Yet, when the women opened the boxes, all they found were rotting vegetables and stones.

The backlash against Paleka, known for his pranks on social media, bubbled immediately as detractors early Monday morning occupied his house in protest, prompted as Paleka issued a fake apology video.

Two trans women gifted rotten vegetables and stones disguised as food by Ferdian Paleka. 

One of the trans women, Sani, told local media that early Friday morning, she was with colleagues at Ibrahim Adjie street in the Kiaracondong neighbourhood when Peleka approached her.

“He said that he wanted to give away fortune,” she alleged. Sani said that Peleka handed her a box of instant noodles which, upon opening, turned out to be rotten bean sprouts.

“When I opened it, I was shocked and sad, angry.”

“Apparently [the video] was uploaded to Youtube, of course, we’re humiliated and shocked that people could see us,” Sani said Monday to Kumparan.

With her at the time was Dani, who opened the package she was given only to find a paving block.

“It was really sad that I had prayed for those who were good,” she said, “and then I got 100 per cent turned away.”

Indonesian YouTuber laughed as he put congealed, decaying produce into food boxes. 

In footage uploaded to YouTube by Peleka in a since-deleted video, he showed to the camera his car trunk stuffed with instant noodle boxes and sarong-wrapped packages.

It then cut to Paleka and his pals rummaging in a trash can, picking out plastic bags filled with decaying produce as they laugh.

During the video, Paleka describes how he is going to “distribute basic necessities containing bricks and rubbish” as he drove down a highway with EDM music blasting.

“If there are any bencong, we’ll give them the boxes, but if they’re not around, that means this city is safe from waria.

“Bencong” is a pejorative term for trans in Indonesian, while “waira” is a portmanteau of “man” and “woman” and is, as a result, considered discriminatory.

Pre-empting the backlash, Paleka described that trans folk “do not obey the government”, he reportedly said, “so, don’t blaspheme us, we only want to help the government.”

As prankster refuses to apologise, protesters storm his home. 

Online outcry quickly spiralled into anger as detractors stormed Paleka’s residence in the Baleendah neighbourhood, photographs posted onto social media showed.

In a veiled attempt to tamper the ratcheting retaliation online, Paleka uploaded a video his Instagram Stories where he said: “I personally would like to apologise for what I’ve done… not.”

Moreover, Bandung law enforcement apprehended one of Paleka’s friends for questioning. However, it remains unclear if charges are being considered by authorities.