Lil Nas X spent his weekend staying home, saving lives and dropping tasteful nudes

Lil Nas X posted thirst traps in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, proving anyone can go horny on main. (Twitter)

Lil Nas X has done a lot of things in his short time on this planet in the void of space.

He was sufficiently glad to have crashed a wedding, he ascended to the status of Calvin Klein pin-up model and now, like so, so many of us, has gone full-on horny on main.

Lil Nas X, otherwise known as Montero Hill, the guy who invented the word “yeehaw”, dropped four photographs Sunday afternoon showing himself gainfully abiding by social distancing guidelines by staying at home as well as promoting personal hygiene and the importance of a regular fitness regime.

Oh, and, he was also fully nude. Yeah, didn’t we mention that?

While the crop – the enemy of all progress in the world – ensured the four steamy snaps made it past social media’s community guidelines, fans were pretty much stunned by the post.

Hill flexed his biceps in a hot tub and threw some different posts to show off his Calvin Klein-grade physique. He captioned the four images: “No homo.”

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In other words, the “Panini” hitmaker has now officially rebranded as Lil Nas XXX and after so many weeks of lockdown, we are here for this.

It comes after actor Daniel Newman and well, the Archibishop of Canterbury both went horny on main amid the throes of the coronavirus pandemic.

Us and Lil Nas X fans both, apparently, if the reactions on Twitter were anything to go by. 

Even bisexual Joshua Rush took his shot by asking Hill whether he is free on Friday for a date, which is on Friday when Rush is similarly free for a date on Friday with Hill.

PinkNews can announce Monday that we are coming out as a Rush and Hill stan account.

Hill had been housebound in his California, US, residence since early April when he celebrated his 21sty birthday in quite possibly the most Lil Nas X way possible.

Wearing a black vest, he blew the candle out on his birthday slice of white bread joined by Sesame Street character Elmo with Doja Cat’s “Say So” blasting in the background in a video he uploaded to Instagram.

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