Madonna has sweet surprise for Lil Nas X in new Long Live Montero clip

Lil Nas X (left) and Madonna (right)

The Queen of Pop and the Queer of Rap, aka Madonna and Lil Nas X, shared an adorable interaction backstage at one of his Long Live Montero tour dates.

In a clip for his new HBO documentary Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero, which follows the 24-year-old queer artist on his first ever tour, Lil Nas X comes face to face with Madonna as she prepares to watch him perform.

“Oh my god. Hey, how are you, friend? You look amazing,” the rapper exclaims as he’s introduced to the legendary “Vogue” hitmaker.

Madonna responds by saying, “Hey gorgeous,” before the pair gush over each other’s hair and outfits.

Lil Nas X appears shocked to have the 65-year-old superstar in his presence, as she jokingly adds to his nerves by demanding: “You better put on a show for me.”

“Now I’m nervous,” he retorts, adding: “I’m not performing anymore. I’m going home.”

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He goes on to say how Madonna’s own tours inspired some of the creative decisions behind the Long Live Montero show.

She then hoists up her leg over the star as photographers capture the iconic moment.

In addition to celebrating Lil Nas X’s first huge tour, Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero is also a sentimental exploration of how he had to fight for acceptance of his sexuality – both from his family, and from himself.

“When I was a kid, my sexuality was just like the elephant in the room. I started getting bad anxiety attacks,” he reveals in the documentary trailer.

“Coming out was very important to progress,” he adds, before admitting that he doesn’t feel able to be “100 per cent” himself around family members.

“I’m always just trying to challenge the way my family looks at things,” he says, before a clip of him trying to “teach his nephews not to be homophobic” rolls.

While wearing a skirt emblazoned with different Pride flags, Lil Nas X explains that “so many queer people are making these huge strides” but that the fight for progress continues.

Last September, the premiere of the documentary was halted after it was reportedly targeted with a homophobic bomb threat.

The Grammy Award winner and professional troll made his big music comeback earlier this month, with a super queer music video for track “J Christ” that has had right-wing Christians up in arms ever since.

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