The Drag Race UK girls did the ‘pass the brush’ TikTok challenge but The Vivienne was nowhere to be seen

The Drag Race UK queens took part in a pass the brush TikTok challenge and those ketchup-stained joggers you've been wearing for three days just spontaneously combusted. (Screen captures from Twitter)

The Drag Race UK queens all took part in a pass the brush TikTok challenge, and just watching it has magically transformed us out of the joggers we’ve worn for three days now.

The pass the brush TikTok challenge sees users start off barefaced before the camera cuts to them in full glam and then, as the title suggests, passing the brush to the next person in the video.

Blu Hydrangea dropped the Drag Race UK effort Monday evening (May 4), showing the Ru girls flaunting their before and after looks.

The clip features almost the entire cast, with Gothy Kendoll, Scaredy Cat, Vinegar Strokes, Sum Ting Wong, Crystal, Blu Hydrangea, Cheryl Hole, Baga Chipz and Divina de Campo each transforming their Adidas tracksuits and floral shirts into sickening looks in a flash. Or an iMovie edit, rather.

Twitter users quickly spied that Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne was not present in the video.

The omission was no shade, though, as she clarified that she simply felt under the weather around the time of filming so was unable to take part.

“Love my girls!” The Vivienne tweeted. “All look so good!

“Gutted I couldn’t join in, but I can’t apply make-up for another two weeks! I’m on the mend, though.”

Some of the cast chimed in to support her. Cheryl Hole tweeted: “We all know how stunning [your] mug is!

“I miss seeing it and I miss you.”

Sum Ting Wong got her poms-poms out and said: “Love you to the moon and back!”

And Baga Chipz remarked: “Miss you, trollop!”

“Love you with all my heart,” Blu Hydrangea wrote.

We are seriously here for this wave of love and heart emojis, they have all restored our strength.