Gay activist Dan Savage ‘compared to KKK leader’ in New York Times ad

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The anti-LGBT Catholic League has taken out a shocking ad in the New York Times comparing gay columnist Dan Savage to the Ku Klux Klan.

Savage came to fame as an outlandish LGBT activist and columnist, founding the ‘It Gets Better’ anti-bullying project and finding success with his constantly-controversial column Savage Love.

However, his involvement as an executive producer of upcoming ABC sitcom The Real O’Neals, which is based on a close-knit Chicago family with Catholic roots based on Savage’s early life, has attracted hate from some of the anti-LGBT activists he has burned previously.

According to JoeMyGod, the New York Times carried a full-page ad from the homophobic Catholic League this week, calling on ABC to cancel the show.

The ad says: “ABC, which is owned by Disney, will launch a new show on March 8, ‘The Real O’Neals’.

“It is billed as a comedy about an Irish-American family, loosely based on the life of one of its producers, Dan Savage.

“For those not acquainted with him, his maniacal hatred of Catholicism is so strong that it would be as though [former KKK leader] David Duke were hired to produce a show about African Americans.”

It continues: “That comparison is an understatement: Duke may be a bigot, but he is not known for his foul comments.

“By contrast, Savage is so vulgar that the original full-page ad I wrote was turned down by this newspaper.

“Why? Because the obscenities were deemed too incendiary for its readers, even with the use of asterisks in place of letters. ”

The letter continues to claim: “ABC has won awards from the gay community for its show, “Modem Family”.

“It has won awards from African Americans for “Black-ish.” So concerned was the network that it might offend Asians with its new show, “Fresh Off the Boat,” that it invited leaders to meet with producers. But when it comes to Catholics, ABC delivers Dan Savage.”
Gay activist Dan Savage ‘compared to KKK leader’ in New York Times ad
It is signed by Bill Donohue, who has claimed that the Catholic Church has too many gay priests – and no problem with sexual abuse.

He also led calls for gay people to remain banned from the St Patrick’s Day parade.