Trump supporter spits pompous transphobia in toe-curlingly embarrassing ‘rap’

Trump fan claims 'trans women are men' in toe-curlingly embarrassing 'rap'

We regret to inform you that Donald Trump-supporting transphobes have found a new way to spread their hate – through the power of rap. Brace yourselves people: Eminem this is not.

A MAGA hat-wearing man who claims to be the founder of ‘Capital News Channel’ has shared his contribution to the hip hop scene in a video on Twitter, under the caption “THE LEFT HATES AMERICA!”

He pompously says that “the future generation depends / on what I’m writing down right now with my pen,” but we’ll save you the trouble of listening and tell you right now that it really, really doesn’t.

Entitled “Trans Women are Men”, the ode to transphobia is riddled with contradictions, beginning with the line “I gotta tell the truth, I don’t mean to offend,” which leads to the predictable conclusion that “this is not hate, this is what’s right to offend.”

And then there’s the brain-twisting line: “Gender dysphoria is a real, real thing / if you wanna be a woman it’s just a silly dream.” We’re told this is “the fact of the matter” on the basis that you… “piss like a bladder”?

Of course his bizarre verse wouldn’t be complete without a peppering of religious bigotry, and this ‘rapper’ more than delivers.

He says trans people are trans because “they just got a little Satan in them”, but by his own metric the whole world must be trans because “the devil’s in us all”, apparently.

He then breaks the flow to spit out a jumbled word salad worthy of Trump himself: “The voice up in your head that makes you second guess and fear / for saying the truth in the booth, I am a student of who / God it is lucrative too / wealth in my heart is the proof / I am not stupid like you.”

Sure Jan.