Donald Trump supporters are convinced Lady Gaga’s Chromatica is proof she’s Satan incarnate. Yes, really

Lady Gaga Chromatica cover

It took the MAGA side of Twitter precisely two days to convince a platoon of folks that the album artwork for Chromatica, the upcoming album by Lady Gaga, is proof of one thing and one thing only.

That she is Satan incarnate, out to usher in the New World Order which, if Chromatica is any indication, will be very, very pink.

Considering that there have been petitions to “keep Satan at bay” and stop the person who has quite literally sung about Judas from performing in South Africa, are we really surprised at this?

A Twitter thread containing countless interpretations of the Chromatica album was quickly spotted by Gaga stans, who couldn’t help but stare blankly at the theories that are coming, quite literally, in the middle of a global viral pandemic.

Lady Gaga Chromatica artwork shows singer be impregnated to then sacrifice a child to Satan, maybe.  

The entire thread was stuffed with surreal, conspiratorial takes over Gaga’s artwork, many of which were likely typed out by users between sips of Mountain Dew and reading Breitbart.

For example, a user called “PoliticalCrab” dubbed the artwork: “Dark and terrible!”

Another user, known online as “DeeQ great awakening MAGA <3 WWG1WGA”, said Gaga is a “satanic cannibal ho”.

A pocket of people was convinced that the artwork alludes to an ouroboros, an ancient symbol detailing a serpent, alongside a theory that it portrays Gaga being impregnated to, uh, then sacrifice a child to Satan.

Gaga herself has explained that what the album artwork evokes is a sine wave,”the mathematical symbol for sound”.

Nevertheless, users were convinced of the album’s plot to decimate humanity as its original release – scheduled before the coronavirus pandemic paralysed the world – was April 10.

Which, in 2020, was the day Good Friday fell.

“Pure evil!” shouted a user, as another user dubbed her the “female Marilyn Manson”.

“Weird, but not unexpected”, they added, seemingly capturing our own feelings reading this thread.

However, Gaga stans – hardline loyalists to the singer and capable of finding the entirety of Sappho’s poems and the shroud of Turin – quickly lunged into the thread to defend their lord and saviour.