Who needs a boyfriend in isolation when you have a vanilla candle that smells like Harry Styles?

If you're feeling down about not being in a relationship with Harry Styles, then why not buy this vanilla candle which fans claim smells exactly like him? ( Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify/Target)

A Harry Styles candle – or rather, a Target candle that apparently smells just like Harry Styles – has sold out.

Have you ever sat in your bed in the dead of night, scrolling aimlessly on your iPhone and wondering: “Where can I get a blob of paraffin wax that smells exactly like my favourite pop star?”

Well, wonder no more. Target dropped a candle scented like Harry Styles’ preferred aftershave, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, and, of course, it has completely sold out.

The Target Threshold “cashmere vanilla” candle smells of a “warm, homey fragrance” and according to its most recent review: “It smells just like Harry Styles!”

Harry Styles candle reviews are in: ‘It smells just like him!’

User “AdoreHarry” gave the candle a five-star review. Although, it remains unclear whether “AdoreHarry” has smelt the “Adore You” singer in the past to validate their claims.

We always felt he’d smell of watermelon sugar, to be honest.

Nevertheless, at a lightweight $6.99, the Target candle is a steal compared to the Styles’ favourite Tom Ford fragrance, which retails at $240 for 100ml.

Boasting notes of tonka beans, cacao and vanilla, Tobacco Vanille is described as being “reminiscent of an English gentleman’s club” and is apparently “all man”.

We’re not exactly sure why men in particular apparently reek of tonka beans, but if Styles does – and it might be the lockdown talking here – that’s good enough for us.

Fans jump on opportunity to buy ‘coveted candle’.

Fans seized upon the cheaper way to gain temporary bliss from the bleakness of the modern world, as countless uploaded videos to TikTok of themselves, er, lighting and sniffing candles in the same way they’d do the same to Styles.

Just, we hope, without the lighting on fire part. Maybe not that.

One user managed to capture both the impact of a constant thumping drumbeat of bleak news and the love people feel for a 26-year-old singer with this voiceover: “When you waste your money on this candle then a week later it’s only burning in the middle.

“So, your mum thinks she can fix it but now she just made it worse and now you are having a mental breakdown because the candle is sold out.

“So no Harry, it won’t be alright.”


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