Lesbian reads her homophobic aunt to high filth after being relentlessly condemned for forsaking the Bible

Reddit: lesbian aunt

This lesbian had the best retort when her homophobic aunt kept telling her that homosexuality is a “sin”, and she shared all on reddit.

The lesbian posted her story on the “Am I The A*****e” sub-reddit after she finally snapped.

The woman explained that she is a lesbian and is “proud of it” despite the fact that she comes from a conservative family.

Her family was “generally accepting” when she came out, but they “made it very clear that they didn’t approve of it because of the Bible’s view on it”.

The woman lives with her aunt and grandmother and said her aunt is “special”.

“I love her with all of my heart but she seems to have this superiority complex where if she does something good nobody will stop hearing about it for weeks,” she wrote.

The lesbian asked Reddit if she is the a*****e for calling her aunt out.

“Me coming out as gay was the cherry on top of the cake because she didn’t kick me out… and as a result I became one of her ‘I am such a good person’ stories.

“Any time she talks about it the conversation goes something like: ‘Yeah [the original poster] is gay and the Bible is most definitely against it but I see no point in kicking her out because that won’t make her straight.'”

The lesbian said there is “nothing inherently wrong” with her aunt’s comments, but said it “gets very annoying” when her aunt constantly reminds her that she is a “charity case”.

It’s funny that you weren’t thinking of the Bible when you got your breast implants, but it’s suddenly very important when my sexuality comes up.

Recently, they were all sitting around the dinner table with a couple of guests when the Bible came up in conversation.

“On cue, my aunt starts talking about me being gay and her accepting me despite what the Bible says, and then starts ranting about why it’s a sin.

“At this point I’m sick and tired of my sexuality always being brought up as a way for her to get admiration points, so I wait for her to stop talking and then I say ‘it’s funny that you weren’t thinking of the Bible when you got your breast implants, but it’s suddenly very important when my sexuality comes up’.

“I kid you not, the glare I got from her that night could have burnt through my skull but personally it felt really good to finally say something against her.”

The woman decided to call her aunt out over dinner with guests.

The lesbian closed out her post by saying that everyone at the table already knew about her aunt’s breast implants.

She added: “I have spoken to her about this before, but she always doubles back to ‘but it is a sin, you can’t hate me for stating a fact’.

“It’s been useless up to this point, the only way to get her to listen (in my experience) is to call her out publicly.”

Reddit subsequently declared that she is “not the a*****e”, with most users criticising the homophobic aunt for constantly talking about the Bible.

One reply summed up the general mood: “Like most (all) christians, she’s cherry-picking the hell (no pun intended) out of the bible. If she wants to be like that, then two can play at that game.

They continued: “Obviously you’re both being assholes, but yours was warranted by her behaviour.”