She-Ra returns to Netflix for its final season and – spoiler – ‘everything is gay and getting gayer by the minute’


She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has returned to Netflix for season five and it’s taken gay excellence to the next level. Warning: major spoilers ahead!

She-Ra season five was released on Friday (May 15), and the bad news is it’s the final series for the Emmy-nominated show.

The good news is that it delivers a powerful finale that’s as bittersweet as it is satisfying. And even better, the show’s creators have left us with the parting gift of 13 glorious episodes packed with big queer energy.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was already pretty queer, with an inclusive cast and storyline that was widely praised for its casual portrayal of  LGBT+ characters and relationships.

But now Netflix has doubled down on LGBT+ representation, infusing the show with all the diversity it deserves.

She-Ra season five finds the princesses of power facing all-out war.

Season four ended with Etheria being brought out of its pocket dimension, now at the mercy of the planet-conquering Horde army led by Horde Prime.

The princesses face an all-out war with the fate of the planet at stake, and She-Ra’s sword is broken just when she needs it most.

As the characters come together to save their world, same-sex couple Netossa and Spinerella are given some much-needed screentime, and the show makes no attempt to hide their love for each other.

Kyle has a crush on his lizard-colleague Rogelio, Double Trouble remains their iconic non-binary self, and Catra’s love/hate relationship with Adora — central to the preceding four seasons — is finally laid bare… and we can definitively say it’s not platonic.

Put simply, lesbian love literally saves the universe — and the fans just cannot get enough.


While many children’s shows fall short of actual representation, relying on hints and throwaway comments to suggest diversity, the final season of She-Ra has firmly put LGBT+ characters front and centre with a finale that does justice to its fans.

It’s certainly a sad goodbye to Etheria, but the showrunners are sending it off on a high note.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 5 is available to stream on Netflix.