We guess JK Rowling has had another ‘middle-aged moment’, because she’s been caught liking hideously transphobic tweets again

The Body Shop challenges JK Rowling to learn more about periods

JK Rowling has been criticised for appearing to like anti-transgender tweets targeting a trans woman who has faced years of bullying online.

The author upset many childhood fans of Harry Potter in December by tweeting her support for a woman who was fired for anti-transgender views, and in March before that by appearing to like a tweet that referred to trans women as “men in dresses”.

At the time Rowling’s reps officially sought to blame an accidental “middle-aged moment”, stating that she hadn’t meant to like the tweets.

But this week the multimillionaire has been caught liking a message from an activist linked to the anti-transgender LGB Alliance.

JK Rowling liked Twitter message smearing trans woman.

The message repeatedly misgendered and spread false claims about Alex Drummond, a psychotherapist and photographer who has become a point of fixation for transphobic activists online because she has a beard.

JK Rowling is under fire from fans once again

JK Rowling is under fire from fans once again

The tweet read: “This is Alex Drummond, an adult human male who claims to be a lesbian (yes, he’s kept his dangling bits and skipped the hormones) and believes that real lesbians who aren’t into penises are transphobic and should be excluded from the lesbian community. Yeah, this guy.”

Drummond, who previously said she is in a long-term committed relationship, has made no such claims.

Fans also noted that Rowling’s account liked another message insisting that “humans come in two, and only two, immutable sexes”.

Approached by PinkNews on Monday (May 18), a spokesperson for Rowling declined to comment.

Trans Harry Potter fans are ‘heartbroken’

Transgender Harry Potter fans have continued to expressed disappointment and heartbreak with the author’s forays into trans issues.

One wrote: “You don’t know me but I met you when I was 6. You were my hero. And now you’re using your considerable platform to discredit and mock trans people.

“That’s not something heroes do. The 6 year old who loved your books is disappointed, and so am I. Please do better.”

Another wrote: “I’ve lost so much respect for JK Rowling. I wish we could all come together to listen and try and understand each other rather than using fear mongering to invalidate a group that has every right to exist (i.e. the trans community).”

Others noted that her actions contrast with ex-Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who has been outspoken in her support for trans rights.

Emma Watson has been vocal in her support for trans rights

Emma Watson has been vocal in her support for trans rights

One wrote: “Every time  @jk_rowling likes a transphobic tweet my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. Then, I remember this photo from  @EmmaWatson and remember there are so many people within this fandom that support our trans loved ones. <3”