Straight man thinks any guy who has too much sex with women must be ‘undercover gay’ and toxic masculinity just ate itself

Straight male fragility has reached new heights as one man claims that having too much sex with women somehow makes you gay, actually.

If the internet is to be believed, straight men exist in a horrifying heterosexual hellscape where appreciating sunsetsfruity cocktails, comfortable chairs and recycling are strictly off limits.

We’ve heard from men who believe that children eating bananas is gay, that a girlfriend wearing boxers to bed is gay, and that even washing your own genitals is, yes, gay.

But now, one man is here to add “sex with a high number of women” to this bizarre and hilariously tragic list.

In a tweet that has united the internet in confusion, one man has claimed: “Any man who has an obscene amount of sex with a high number [of] women consistently over years is a potential undercover gay man. Being a nympho/deviant is the gateway to homosexuality.

“It’s why a lot of these rappers are gay. Eventually you get so tired of pussy you begin to ‘explore’.”

Yes, you heard him. Enjoying sex with women too much makes you an ‘undercover gay’.

For those baffled by this line of reasoning, the tweet continues: “Sex is demonic when it’s in excess. Theres a reason why almost every ‘pretty’ celebrity dude has a bunch of gay rumours clouding around him.

“It’s not rocket science. And you’re in denial if you disagree.”

But as people piled on to disagree, it seemed the only one in denial was the straight man himself.

Between this and using banana peels as sex toys, being a straight man sounds truly exhausting.