Straight man won’t call his girlfriend ‘babe’ because he thinks ’emotions are gay’ and we are already over this decade

A man smiles at the camera while his girlfriend drinks coffee

In today’s episode of Straight Men Say The Darnedest Things, a 24-year-old woman has complained to the internet that her boyfriend won’t show affection because “expressing emotions is gay”.

It is the year 2020. Humankind is sending a mission to Mars. Trans people are – slowly, and not without a fight – winning vital human rights. Lindsay Lohan is plotting a major career comeback.

And yet, despite all of these miraculous advances, there are still straight men out in the world who think that sharing their emotions makes them gay. Cue a sigh that will reverberate through the ages.

A 24-year-old woman took to Reddit in the early hours of January 1 to ask for advice on her 22-year-old boyfriend.

“My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for a few months and he doesn’t call me babe, my love, baby, or any term of endearment,” she wrote.

“He may very rarely say something like ‘goodnight beautiful’ and that’s it.

“Words of affirmation is high in my love language stack and I feel very disappointed that he can’t express anything to me.

Expressing emotions is gay.

“Sometimes I can be needy and I directly ask him to comfort me and he can’t.

“He says it’s part of his personality that expressing emotions is gay.”

We won’t bore you with the rest, lest your eyes roll so far back they travel to the 1920s, when such attitudes might – might – have been socially acceptable, but the short version is that the boyfriend is emotionally stunted and plainly confused about what sexuality is.

Thankfully, the response to the woman’s dilemma was a resounding “break up with him.”

“He literally is saying that expressing feelings of love for his girlfriend somehow indicates he likes men. It’s nonsensical,” came one reply.

“He is immature, get rid of his ass and find someone better because you deserve to feel loved and comforted in a relationship and he is clearly not ready to give it to you,” read another.

On Twitter, the natural habitat of the gays, the tea was much more scalding.

Honestly, it’s astounding that straight men have ruled the world for quite so long.