Kathy Griffin is doing what she does best – outraging conservatives – by suggesting Donald Trump be given ‘syringe full of air’

Comediam Kathy Griffin garnered outrage from conservatives for tweeting about US president Donald Trump. (John Sciulli/Getty Images for Playboy Playhouse)

Kathy Griffin is making headlines again for doing what she does best – being an indefatigable critic of Donald Trump.

The American comedian skewered the US president with a satirical but since-deleted tweet Tuesday (May 26), the Independent reported.

As new plans to slash the price of insulin for diabetic seniors is rolled out by the Trump administration, Trump told reporters at the announcement: “I don’t use insulin, should I be?”

In response, Griffin tweeted the president, writing: “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick.

“F*** TRUMP.”

Her tweet was subsequently deleted by the social media giant as it “violated the Twitter rules.”

Kathy Griffin sparks outrage by saying she ‘sure did’ suggest someone ‘stab Donald Trump’.

Injecting air into the bloodstream would result in air embolism, which can cause a fatal blocking of blood vessels.

As a result, the joke immediately became a lightning rod for criticism, with conservative commentators taking it as a threat levelled against the president.

While many accounts tagged Twitter, the Department of Justice and the US Secret Service.

As detractors spilt into her mentions, Griffins, unscathed, doubled down on her stance. She reshared an article in the Washington Examiner, that reported: “Kathy Griffin advocates for someone to stab Donald Trump.”

“I sure did, f***er,” she hit back, “#TrumpLiedPeopleDied.”

She also thanked supporters who sought to remind users of how Griffin, a comedian, is, apparently, held to a higher standard than Trump, a global leader.

When a reporter claimed that Twitter would be “looking into” her comments, Griffin retaliated: “Go f*** yourself.

“Do you wanna tussle with me, you f***ing amateur? #100ThousandDead.”

The criticism no doubt touched off of Griffin’s past dust-ups with Trump.

She weathered intense criticism in 2017 for a photograph of herself clutching a disembodied head of Trump covered in ketchup. The ensuing backlash battered her mental health, she said in subsequent interviews, and cratered her lined-up work.

But unbowed by right-wing cancel culture, the Emmy award-winning comic has continued to sound out against Trump, even as she experienced coronavirus-like symptoms earlier this year.