Homophobes don’t even try to hide their bigotry as they rage over Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s Andrew Christian bag

Leo Varadkar Andrew Christian Twitter

Homophobes in Ireland are blessing themselves and saying the rosary after discovering that gay Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is the proud owner of an Andrew Christian bag.

Eagle-eyed Twitter trolls were shocked – shocked, we say! – when Fine Gael leader Varadkar was spotted over the weekend sunbathing in a park with the bag by his side.

The Andrew Christian brand is popular in the LGBT+ community and is a well-known provider of underwear and jockstraps.

Seeing the Taoiseach out and about with an Andrew Christian bag prompted social conservatives to find out what the brand makes – and they were not impressed.

A Twitter user lashed out at Leo Varadkar for failing to ‘act with decorum’ by owning an Andrew Christian bag.

A Twitter user shared a photo of Varadkar with the bag along with a screenshot of the brand’s website which shows two models, one wearing briefs and another wearing a jockstrap.

“The website Taoiseach Leo Varadkar got his gym bag from,” the woman wrote, apparently believing she had proved once and for all that the Taoiseach is morally unfit to lead.

When criticised, the Twitter user doubled down on her outrage about Varadkar’s choice of bag, insisting that the Andrew Christian website is “highly explicit”.

“Someone in his position has to act with decorum. He failed to do that,” she added.

In a subsequent tweet, she called the fashionable brand “sub-pornographic” and insisted that its products are “fetish wear”.

Disagree with his politics? Absolutely. Bringing up the fact that he’s gay to make fun of him? Disgusting.

The tweet has been liked more than 300 times, with many Twitter trolls and religious conservatives wading into the replies to express their unadulterated horror that Varadkar owns Andrew Christian gear.

One zealot replied with their own screenshots showing Varadkar wearing an ES branded t-shirt, along with images from the brand’s website which shows – gasp! – men in underwear.

“Varadkar shops exclusively at gay porn boutiques,” they wrote, seemingly thinking that they too had proven a point of some kind.

LGBT+ people and allies were quick to point out the double standards.

Luckily, plenty of LGBT+ people and allies came to the rescue, replying to the Twitter user to point out what should be obvious.

One Twitter user correctly pointed out that the bag is, in fact, “just a bag”, and using it to attack Varadkar is just thinly veiled homophobia.

Another Twitter user pointed out the real shocking fact: that the centre-right Fine Gael party’s leader might be “a bit kinky”.

Meanwhile, other advocates and allies got real, calling out the “rampant homophobia” that stops LGBT+ people holding public office.

Others were quick to point out the double standards in the criticism.

We’re sure Varadkar and LGBT+ people everywhere will immediately stop buying products from Andrew Christian over a few conservative outliers and their discriminatory attitudes.