Pride, but make it fashion! 10 super-queer T-shirts, hats and pins to complete your at-home Pride look

Pride for All PinkNews t-shirts

Pride might be taking place digitally this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your Pride outfits.

This Pride Month is shaping up to be unlike any other for the LGBT+ community. Parades have been cancelled, festivities put on hold, queer gatherings postponed – and the LGBT+ community is feeling a little disorientated.

But all hope is not lost. PinkNews is bringing the spirit of celebration and protest online with Pride for All, a four-day digital extravangaza jam-packed with discussion, performance and a virtual march.

To help you celebrate Pride Month 2020 from home, PinkNews is proud to present our new Pride for All clothing collection. It’s adorable and queer AF, but more importantly, the collection is focused on raising money for the Kaleidoscope Trust – a nonprofit organisation that campaigns for the human rights of LGBT+ people in countries where they are discriminated against.

Pride T-shirts to get you through queerantine.

Whether you’re a hat bisexual, a sweater lesbian, a mug pansexual, or a trans person who’s obsessed with collecting pins, this collection of Pride T-shirts has something for everyone.

There’s even a tank top for the twinks among us. It truly is the epitome of inclusivity – but make it fashion.

Pride for All T-Shirt

T-shirt PinkNews

For anyone who’s a fan of the Pride For All logo, you can now have it emblazoned across your chest on a T-shirt.

Queerantine T-shirt

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t do any shopping – treat yourself to this cheeky queer-themed Pride top.

You’ll thank yourself for the serotonin boost once that package arrives.

Sparkle Rainbow T-Shirts

Sparkles? Rainbows? LGBT+ representation? What more could you want from a collection of cute Pride tees like this?

Pictured is the Non-Binary Sparkle Rainbow T-Shirt, available in black or grey.

Other designs available are Trans Sparkle, Bisexual Sparkle, Gay Sparkle, Lesbian Sparkle, Asexual Sparkle, and Pansexual Sparkle.

Not a Phase T-Shirt

Not a phase t-shirt PinkNews

The perfect protest T-shirt to wear around the house to show folks that LGBT+ identity is real and valid no matter what.

Trans Women Are Women T-Shirt

Trans women are women t-shirt PinkNews Pride for All

It’s a sentiment we all know and promote – let’s go a step further and promote it on our clothing!

Trans women are women, and this shirt is rad as heck. We’re spitting straight facts today.

Bisexual Men Exist T-Shirt

Bisexual men exist t-shirt PinkNews

Bisexual men exist t-shirt

Bi men are too-often overlooked in conversations about queerness. We see you, and we love you – and you deserve your own shirt!

Makeup Has No Gender T-Shirt

Make-up has no gender t-shirt PinkNews Pride for All

Wearing makeup doesn’t change anything about your gender identity – it just makes your face sparkle with pretty colours, and honestly, who wouldn’t want that?

Makeup is for everyone, period.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights T-Shirt

Trans rights are human rights t-shirt PinkNews Pride for All

Never has a T-shirt slogan been so true.

Show your trans friends that you support them by donning this tee and watch their faces light up with joy.

As for the rest of your Pride outfit…

Sparkle Rainbow Beanie Hat

Rainbow beanie hat PinkNews Pride for All

*Cue happy lesbian screaming*

We know, it’s adorable.

And this beanie is available in three different colours, so you and all of your friends can sparkle with pride.

Rainbow Pride Badges

Pride badges PinkNews Pride for All

The gay excitement for these is palpable. We know queer people can’t resist a cute badge.

Plus there’s a peace sign included, which we all know is the universal symbol used by LGBT+ people when taking selfies.

Now you can have one with you at all times!

You can find the rest of the Pride For All clothing collection here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Gay up your wardrobe with these fits and help out an amazing LGBT+ organisation at the same time.

We are proud to be donating 10 per cent of profits from our Pride for All collection throughout the month of June to the Kaleidoscope Trust to help them in their fight for LGBT+ equality across the world.