Queer professional swimmer Michael Gunning is here to warm up Pride Month with his at-home workout – and it’s for everyone

Michael Gunning.

Lockdown has caused life as we know it to come to a screeching halt. Schools are closed, everyone is working from home, and gyms are shut. *cue gay sobs* But all hope is not lost.

This home workout routine might be the remedy we’ve all been so desperately craving during this gym-less time.

Professional swimmer Michael Gunning is here to save the day with his very own home workout that’s bound to satisfy even the most voracious gym bunny.

Despite Gunning’s professional standing, this workout is not only for Olympians – it’s beginner-friendly, too. Anyone can apply these handy moves to their daily routine, and they don’t require any special equipment or memberships to do so.

All you need is some floor space, water, and a towel – maybe some stretchy clothes for maximum comfort – and you’re good to go.

The workout is made up of 8 different exercises, all designed to target different parts of the body, with a focus on abs, arms, and legs.

Gunning advises doing each workout for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest period before continuing with the next exercise.

The exercises include squat jumps, side. lunges, and ‘tabletop abs’, designed to target… you guessed it, your abs!

Workout from home without equipment.

There are also ‘mountain climbers’ which target abs, arms, and legs all at the same time, and an exercise that Michael himself has dubbed ‘Dancefloor Get-Ups’, which is perfect practice for all of that dancing you’ll be doing once you can get back to your favourite queer club.

Whatever your workout preference, this guide has a bit of everything, so you can pick and choose which exercises work for you and mix them up any way you like.

Just remember to stay hydrated and take regular breaks if you’re going to give these exercises a go.

Michael Gunnings appeared on The Bi Life alongside Ryan Clearly, where he then came out to his housemates. Watch their coming out stories here.