LA Pride steps away from ‘All Black Lives Matter’ march after police inclusion sparks outrage

LA Pride Black Lives Matter march

LA Pride has stepped away from its “All Black Lives Matter” protest, after organisers were revealed to have been working “collaboratively” with police.

LA Pride was cancelled almost two months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, but organisers announced last week that they intended to replace it with a Black Lives Matter march.

However the event was slammed by the LGBT+ community after an LA Pride organiser wrote a letter to police seeking permission and approval for the march.

In the letter, organisers requested a special event permit in order to hold its Black Lives Matter march, and said they looked forward to organising the event “collaboratively” with the LAPD.

Over the weekend, the organisation apologised for involving the police, writing on Instagram: “We realized that we did not first collaborate with enough key leaders and activists in the Black community that have been fighting on the frontlines.

“For that we offer our sincerest apologies.

“Furthermore, as we quickly mobilized this protest… in that haste, we overlooked the direct police involvement that permitting involves. We understand that clearly goes against the demands for systemic police reform.”

It added that “solidarity march scheduled for June 14 is currently being reevaluated” through discussions with with Black leaders and organisations.

On Monday, June 8, it announced that the “All Black Lives Matter” march would still go ahead, but LA Pride would “no longer be involved”.

The organisation wrote on Instagram: “We recognize systemic racism, implicit bias and privilege permeates this country, and this includes the history of our organization.

“We hope to see progress and start with change from within. With that, CSW/LA Pride will no longer be involved in organizing what will now be known as the All Black Lives Matter march… but we are in full support.

“We will be there and hope the LGBTQ+ community will as well.”

It clarified that there would now “be no police or city law officials involved in any capacity”, and that “this is a solidarity protest march and there will be no corporate participation”.

It is unclear whether the decision to step away from the march was made by LA Pride or by Black Lives Matter organisers.

LA Pride has been approached for comment.