New York cop, in full uniform, performs vile transphobic rap calling for the hanging of Hillary Clinton

transphobic rap

A New York cop has been placed on administrative leave after a video surfaced of him performing a transphobic rap.

New Paltz police officer Robert Sisco attracted numerous complaints after posting a video of him rapping in his police car on social media.

In full police uniform and with his name tag on show, he states: “There’s only two genders and Trump’s still your president / Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”

He then encourages violence against Hillary Clinton, suggesting that she should be hanged, and claims that coronavirus was sent to the US by China.

Despite his aggressive and discriminatory lyrics the officer includes a verse towards the end insisting that “I’d rather use my words than resorting to violence.”

The video caused outrage in the New Paltz community, coming as it did in the middle of Pride Month, and at a time when police are under increased scrutiny after the death of George Floyd.

In a post on the New Paltz Facebook page, the town board said it had seen the officer’s transphobic video and received many complaints.

The board shared a “unanimously written” message on Tuesday stating that it was “committed to repairing trust with our New Paltz transgender and LGBTQ+ community members.

“We are so sorry that the trust of many in our community has been broken and that their safety feels threatened,” the post read. “No one in our town should have to feel that way about our police.”

The New Paltz police force has initiated an internal investigation is working closely with the police commission to “explore and direct responsive action in this matter.”

New Paltz police chief Rob Lucchesi said there is no set timeframe for how long the investigation will take into Sisco’s conduct. In accordance with his union contract he is still being paid his full salary while on leave, it is understood.