Queer 16-year-old viciously beaten by thugs in vile homophobic attack, leaving her bleeding and covered in bruises

Queer 16-year-old viscously beaten by thugs in vile homophobic attack

A queer teen aged just 16 has described in shocking the detail the moment she was tackled to the ground in a homophobic attack while walking home, leaving her pockmarked in cuts and bruises.

Kourtney Grand was subjected to homophobic abuse in Dundee, Scotland, at around midnight on June 17.

As she walked back from meeting a friend outside a supermarket, a woman jumped her, causing Grand to hurtle to the pavement.

“I just feel a bit messed up by it all,” she told the Evening Telegraph.

Queer teen tackled to the ground by homophobic thug.

Grand was making her way Pitkero Road when, just by an Iceland near the Dighty Burn river, the assailant launched into her.

She said: “I was walking when a girl came running up behind.

“She jumped on me and I fell to the ground. The left side of my face is all swollen and I have scratches on my face as well as my arms.


“My head and my arm were both on the ground.”

Grand described the woman as having dark hair and wearing a blue jumper. But she added that this is not the first time she has been targeted for her sexuality.

“I just want her to own up because the entire incident has stressed me out,” she said, “I just feel a bit messed up by it all.

“People have said things about my sexuality before and they never really got to me – but this time it was obviously physical as well.

“If anyone who was out around about that time if they witnessed anything to please message me or my sister Rebecca Grant.”

Anti-LGBT+ hate crime has risen to levels not seen in a decade. 

Reports of anti-LGBT+ hate crimes have steadily risen in Dundee for years, according to a report by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, tipping to levels not seen by authorities in more than a decade.

Compared to 2017/18, where 49 anti-LGBT+ hate crimes were recorded, the 2019/20 report had seen the figure leap to 69.

It comes as anti-LGBT+ hate crimes across England and Wales steadily rose across 2014 to 2019, alarming activists who warn that as much as victims of queerphobic hate crimes have been emboldened to report at higher rates, the true level of violence is no doubt higher,

PinkNews has contacted Police Scotland for comment.