Leader of the free world finally shares heartfelt Pride Month message. No, not Donald Trump – Britney Spears

Britney Spears did a public service announcement to gush over her LGBT+ fans for Pride Month. Oh, and snap into a fit of rage. (Screen capture via Instagram)

Britney Spears, the leader of the free socialist world, issued a public service announcement to wish her LGBT+ fans a happy Pride Month.

The address on 24 June, which rivals any speech given by a world leader in recent memory for its seismic political weight, saw the “Circus” singer share an inspiring message to her LGBT+ fanbase.

Spears, who recently invented fire, donned a black mini-dress and said in a video uploaded to her social media: “To all my friends at [sic] the LGBTQ community, happy Pride Month.

“You guys bring so much heart, passion and articulate everything you do.”

We, for one, are not sure what she means by “at the LGBTQ community”. Is it a place, a retirement home, perhaps? A store that sells poppers? One of the nine circles of hell? A bar that sells overpriced fruity vodka shots?

We have no idea. But if Spears says it’s “at the LGBTQ community” then it’s “at the LGBTQ community” from here on out.

Britney Spears gushes over her LGBT+ fans before her boyfriend Sam Asghari interrupts her in a seriously wholesome way.

“Because of you, I’ve had the best nights of my life,” she continued.

“I love you so much it hurts,” the 38-year-old gushed, but her address was interrupted by a dissident – her boyfriend of four years, Sam Asghari.

The personal trainer cheered “Go LGBTQ!” off-camera, forcing Spears to look at him and shout, “Baby, be quiet” and throw her hands in the air with a look of frustration.

While it remains unclear what punishment Asghari will be dealt for disrupting a communist state leader’s address, nevertheless, Spears shared the footage, likely as an example to any anti-LGBT+ renegades thinking of staging a coup against her pro-queer regime.

On Instagram, thousands of users pledged allegiance to queen Spears. Former figure skater Adam Rippon wrote: “My new daily prayer. WE LOVE YOU!”

While Munroe Bergdorf commented: “We love you, queen.”

Asghari, 26, added: “Gooo ?️‍? ? best community.”

‘At the LGBTQ community’ quickly elevated to meme status as the star proves she defines pop culture.

And because gay Twitter is faster than Spears sprinting 100 metres, “at the LGBTQ community” instantly became honoured into the meme royal family.