Non-binary Black Lives Matter protester Summer Taylor killed by car speeding into crowd at peaceful protest

Summer Taylor: Non-binary Black Lives Matter protestor killed by car

Summer Taylor, a non-binary 24-year-old, was hit and killed by a car at a Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday night.

Taylor was participating in a peaceful protest against racism and police brutality in Seattle on July 4 when a car ploughed into the crowd, striking two of the protesters.

Summer Taylor was rushed to Harborview Hospital and later died of their injuries.

The other person who was hit, Diaz Love, 32, remains in the intensive care unit in a serious condition.

Both were taking part in the Black Femme March, which had closed down a section of Interstate 5.

At around 1.40am, Dawit Kelete, a Seattle local, drove his car around the vehicles that were blocking off I-5 and sped into the crowd of protesters, according to a police report released by the Washington State Patrol.

A video posted to social media shows a white car accelerating into a small crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters who are running to get out of the way.

In the video, the car hits two people whose bodies are then thrown over the windscreen and into the air, before landing on the freeway.

After speeding into the crowd, Kelete drove off. Another protester followed in a car and was able to force Kelete to stop.

Police arrived and took him into custody, with the police report describing him as sullen and reserved.

Kelete has been charged with two counts of vehicular assault, and a judge will decide today (July 6) whether to grant bail.

Police have yet to say whether they believe it was a targeted attack, but have ruled out impairment as a cause.

A GoFundMe set up by Taylor’s friends, which has raised more than $60,000, describes them as an ” incredibly strong and independent spirit”.

“They are a bright and caring person whose presence elicits joy and laughter in others,” The GoFundMe page says.

“Summer works at a veterinary clinic and takes pride in their community and supporting others.”