Twitch said the G in LGBT+ ‘also stands for gamer’ and you can imagine just how well that went

Twitch LGBT

Twitch is facing backlash on social media after saying that the G in LGBT+ stands for “gamer”.

The live streaming gaming platform put out a video on Twitter this week celebrating LGBT+ content creators and encourage users to “stream with Pride”, but one element of the video did not go down so well.

Twitch content creator and ambassador Spofie responded to the video: “I don’t in any way shape or form want to take away from the amazing humans in this video, the clips are wonderful. But can we remove this part?”

She posted a screenshot of the video which read: “When the G in LGBTQIA+ also stands for gamer.”

LGBT+ Twitch creator Brandon also called out the platform, adding: “People are already confused about what each letter means.”

Twitch later back-pedalled and deleted the video, reposting it without the controversial slogan.

But the platform did not publicly address the issue and gamers on Twitter continued to speak out against the video.

One wrote: “Wow! It’s already hard enough to teach people what it stands for. Twitch come on, do better.

“Are there no LGBTQIA+ on their Social team? How is that possible?”

“Corporations try to de-queer pride all the time to try to obscure its meaning and make it more palatable to the broad audience,” said another.

“It is absolutely appropriate to ask them to not say ‘the G is for gamer’.”

Some queer gamers appreciated that the platform was recognising LGBT+ Pride month, as some gaming communities can be notoriously homophobic and transphobic, but said the slip showed there was “more work to do”.

One “gaymer” said: “It was a great month to connect with other LGBTQIA+ gamers.

“However, based on a majority of the comments here, you still have a lot of work to do if you truly want to facilitate a diverse and inclusive community.”

PinkNews has approached Twitch for comment.