7 incredible, trailblazing LGBT+ streamers you should be following, from Nikatine to Pikachulita

LGBT streamers gamers Twitch

With the gaming world becoming more inclusive than ever before, there are a host of streamers from across the globe who are helping build a safe space for the LGBT+ community.

Whilst Twitch is a great place to connect with other gamers, streamers and all-rounded content creators for engagement and support in the community, many LGBT+ streamers could benefit from an additional visibility boost.

After all, representation is important on every platform, particularly one which has been such an integral and vital source of social interaction for so many people during lockdown.

So with that in mind, from drag queens to voice actors, here’s a list of all the LGBT+ streamers that you should really be following.

readysetben – (he/him)

Formerly known as Little Legz TV, the UK based streamer is a queer Black member of the LGBT+ Twitch community. Thriving on inclusivity, you’ll find his Twitch a safe well-rounded space, open to those who have a deep passion for MMORPG’s, story-based adventures and various action-based games.

Currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, readysetben is also a member of The Rainbow Arcade Stream Team, a family of LGBT+ streamers, content creators, and artists that are dedicated to inclusivity, amplifying positivity, and just having a fun time in gaming and beyond.

Nikatine – (she/her)



Nikatine is a real icon in the LGBT+ gaming community.

Known for being an all-around streamer dipping into RPGs, tabletop roleplaying games, and being a Twitch partner and ambassador as well as the founder of Team Trans Gaming, she has built a strong career out of being a gamer.  With more than 33k followers on Twitch, she can be seen playing Atlas, Grand Theft Auto, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pikachulita – (she/her)



Pikachulita, who also goes by Katie, is a Black, diversity-focused variety streamer. As a LogitechG Partner and an official Black Girl Gamers member, Pikachulita has come a long way since she first started streaming back in 2014. Identifying as bi/pansexual, she has built a community of more than 14k followers on Twitch by streaming platformers, non-military shooters, action-adventure, horror and simulation games like Apex Legends, Night in the Woods and Hades.

Katie does not tolerate any homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist or misogynist language in her space. She is an active voice for the Black community and continues to speak out against police brutality.

Zombaekillz – (she/her)



Zombaekillz is one of the most talked-about Black queer women in gaming. With more than 22k followers, she uses her platform to fight for equality for Black gamers globally. From being a partner with Twitch, Nitrado, Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming, she can be seen playing games like It Takes Two, Outriders, Fortnite and Valheim. She identifies as queer.

Blizzb3ar – (he/him)



Blizzb3ar, also known as Blizz, is a queer Black streamer known for playing games that are either chill or completely chaotic. Using his platform to create a warm and comfortable space for the community, he mains Xbox and PC mostly playing games like Among Us, Fortnite and Stardew Valley. He identifies as bisexual and queer.

IAMBRANDON – (he/him)



IAMBRANDON, also known as Brandon, is a Black, gay Twitch Partner with a six-year history creating content and generally being awesome on the platform. The award-winning Twitch partner has more than 38k followers on Twitch, using his platform to not only share growth tips, content creator tips, reviews and playthroughs but to also support the LGBT+ community. You can catch him streaming horror, indie and action games such as Bloodborne, Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight and Monster Hunter Rise.

Deere – (she/her)



Twitch partner Deere is one of the most talked-about members of the LGBT+ gaming community, for all the right reasons.

Playing popular games like Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil, the California-based drag queen was one of the first drag artists to start streaming on Twitch back in 2016.

Establishing a strong community alongside Drag Trashly, Deere wants to provide a strong presence for the LGBT+ community, especially drag artists.

Are there any LGBT+ Twitch streamers who you’d like us to add to the list? Email us at [email protected].