Vile bigot who flew Nazi flag to show his ‘total opposition Black Lives Matter and the gays’ says he was attacked by vigilantes

Nazi flag Black Lives Matter

A bigot who flew a Nazi flag from the back of his car to show his “total opposition” to gay people and Black Lives Matter has claimed he was attacked because of it.

According to NBC7, Jesus Seineke, 36, from Alpine, San Diego, flies the swastika flag from his SUV while driving around the neighbourhood.

Seineke has claimed that two people attempted to tear the flag from his car and fought him in a store parking lot.

Although he was completely uninjured, he filed a complaint with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, which officials are forced to investigate.

A sheriff’s department spokesperson said that they investigating accusations of battery and vandalism.

Seineke said he flies the Nazi flag to express his “total opposition of Black Lives Matter or supporting anything to do with gays”.

Local residents are outraged by the flag, with one telling the news station: “It just represents the wrong ideals. It’s just a horrible part of history and it shouldn’t be celebrated.”


Seineke is an Iraq War veteran who has spoken openly several times about having PTSD after mistakenly killing “an old man, a young woman and two young children”.

According to The Times of San Diego, he recently commented on news coverage of San Diego protests via an Azerbaijani website. He used the site to criticise Black Lives Matter, Islam and LGBT+ people, and said that he went to the protest with a “blue lives matter more” sign.

He wrote: “People have a right to stand against racism. People also have a right to stand for their own race or stand up for the police.

“Bowel Movements Matter or as the like to be called, #BLM is in fact a racist movement fuelled with a hatred for our system and targeting those in opposition of their own interests.”

He added: “My lineage of military service goes as far back as WWI in service of Germany and generations since, but to show pride for any race or ideology during these times is all but against the law. That is blatant racism.

“There are those who will in fact STAND in the face of this evil, evil that is sweeping the world, the LGBQT, Islamic and solely Black agenda sweeping the nation isn’t one of love or respect, it’s one of that says to stand in opposition of such views is inhuman or racist. This is simply not the case.

“We will STAND against evil, we will STAND and let those idiots kneel. We’ve already won.”

Earlier this year, he wrote on Instagram that Volksgemeinschaft, Hitler’s racially unified and hierarchically organised ideal society in which the interests of individuals would be strictly subordinate to those of the nation, was “not as bad as you think”.