Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price seems to think she knows more about trans people’s bodies than they do

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price

Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price has once again voiced her opinions on the lives of transgender people, we are sorry to report.

The former health minister, who previously pledged her support for the LGB Alliance despite opposing same-sex marriage, criticised the availability of “dangerous” gender-affirming healthcare for trans children.

She explained that it is actually the movement for trans rights that is “regressive”, and organisations who take advice from “respected lobby groups” are the ones causing harm.

“It’s really regressive that we’ve almost re-adopted gender stereotyping and almost turned it into a science,” she said.

“We all know going through puberty is not a pleasant time and some girls will feel very uncomfortable with their bodies. And the fact this movement is encouraging them to think, ‘Well, you might not really be a girl’ in childhood, I just think is so dangerous. And we just need to give children the chance to grow up.”

Jackie Doyle-Price made the comments on the podcast of Posie Parker, the Tommy Robinson apologist who’s banned from Twitter for ‘hateful conduct’ and gives interviews to white nationalists.

“It’s become so established that those of those who question [trans equality] are seen as nutty right-wing extremists, actually I’m really not – far from it,” Doyle-Price complained, apparently without a trace of irony.

“It’s not about being against trans women, or the fact that we want to maintain women’s identities. The two shouldn’t be pitted against each other, there’s room for all of us.”

Except, of course, in same-sex facilities, which Doyle-Price believes should be able to legally exclude trans women.

The MP went on to defend JK Rowling and the “sick” criticism the author faces for voicing virulently anti-trans views to her 14 million-strong Twitter following.

“Look at JK Rowling, who is a master with her pen and writes elegantly and beautifully, and there was nothing that could be misconstrued as hateful, but the degree to which she gets that pile-on from men in objection to this is quite sick,” she said.

A single salient point followed as Doyle-Price criticised the tone of the discourse on social media, but once again the irony was entirely lost on both her and Parker.

“I think a lot of this plays out on social media, and Twitter is actually just a horrible place, it ends up being very black and white when actually we need to have a more nuanced discussion about these people,” she said.

“Quite frankly, most trans people want to live their lives in dignity, they don’t want to be weaponised in this kind of debate at all.”

That sound you hear is the point soaring straight over their heads.

PinkNews has contacted Jackie Doyle-Price for comment.