Donald Trump praises ‘spectacular’ quack doctor who compared ‘the gay agenda’ to ‘the demonic New World Order’

donald trump coronavirus cure stella immanuel

Donald Trump has praised an anti-LGBT+ doctor who believes that there is a coronavirus cure, despite her insistence that some illnesses can be caused by having sex dreams about demons.

This week, US president Donald Trump retweeted Dr Stella Immanuel’s false claim that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine could cure coronavirus. The tweet read: “COVID has cure. America wake up.”

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, was temporarily suspended from Twitter earlier this week for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19” after sharing the same tweet, which has since been removed.

According to Metro, when asked about retweeting the quack doctor at a White House press conference on Tuesday, 29 July, the president said: “I’ve read a lot about hydroxy.

“I happen to think it has an impact, especially at the early years. I think they were very respected doctors.

“There was a woman [Immanuel] who was spectacular in her statements about it, that she’s had tremendous success with it, but they took her off [Twitter].

“I don’t know why they took her off, maybe they had a good reason, maybe they didn’t.

“Based on a lot of reading and knowledge about it I think it could have a very positive impact on the early stages. Politically it doesn’t seem to be too popular because I recommended it.”

Immanuel is a conspiracy theorist and a homophobe who has lashed out at the gay “agenda” and believes that medical issues can be caused by sex with demons.

The doctor has previously claimed that alien DNA is used in medical treatments, that the government is run by “reptilians”, and that scientists are making a vaccine to stop people from being religious.

According to The Daily Beast, Immanuel has frequently claimed that gynaecological problems are caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.

Upon seeing the article from The Daily Beast, the doctor doubled down on her sex demon theory, writing on Twitter: “The Daily Beast did a great job summarising our deliverance ministry and exposing incubus and succubus.

“Thank you Daily Beast. If you need deliverance from these spirits. Contact us.”

Immanuel, who is also an independent baptist minister, is vehemently homophobic. According to Media Matters for America, in her 2012 book Jesus Help the Church has been Caged, she wrote: “We are now teaching tolerance to something as vile as homosexuality – even to our grade-school children.

“This demon has been released to infect our generation. No matter what is said or claimed, most homosexuals are not happy, because there is something programmed in us by Jehovah God himself that makes us inherently know good from evil.

“This demon will not give peace, that’s why there is so much drug addiction and suicide in the gay community.

“It’s an anti-God, anti-procreation agenda of the devil, and we have glamorised it.”