Straight Pride plots the comeback nobody asked for with protest against abortion, trans folk and the ‘LGBT+ war machine’

modesto straight pride

Modesto Straight Pride is getting set for a 2020 comeback, plotting a protest in front of a Planned Parenthood against the “LGBT War Machine”.

For the second year in a row, the “National Straight Pride Coalition” (NSPC) founded by Don Grundmann is planning to hold a rally in Modesto, California.

The group’s 2019 event was intended to be a gathering of hundreds of people, but according to reports it only attracted a few dozen.

The “straight pride” rally was massively outnumbered by counter-protesters, but it seems the homophobes have not been deterred.

The coalition, which aims to prevent “the current and future generations of all races and colours from being destroyed by the inherent malevolence of the homosexual movement”, plans to have its second event on August 29, 2020.

Grundmann told ABC10 that the event would be “a celebration of life in all of its aspects”, but the NSPC website tells a very different story.

The rally will take place outside the Modesto Planned Parenthood, which the group accuses of a “100 year long genocidal attack upon the Black community” because it is an abortion provider.

It added: “The unfortunate reality is that the hidden Planned Parenthood controllers which created and continue the race science/ eugenics-based Planned Parenthood to this minute have so infected Modesto, as with so many other communities across the nation.”

Not content with describing the vital healthcare provider as “the fountainhead of both institutional racism and mass racial murder”, the group also claimed that Planned Parenthood had “extreme anti-Christian and pro-Satanism religious beliefs” and was “a major driving force behind the attack of the LGBT War Machine upon our nation”.

The group said that there was a “coordinated sexual attack upon children in our nation; whether such [sic] be promoting the insanity of ‘gender fluidity’, the psychosis of ‘transgender’, or any other sexual pathology”.

The NSPC continued: “We appeal to our creator for strength in the battle before us as we fight to both stop the jihad of the LGBT War Machine upon the children of our nation and to protect all races from the genocidal attack of [Planned Parenthood] upon humanity.

“We welcome you to join us in this great crusade to save countless souls and to defeat these great enemies of humanity.”

A counter-protest against Modesto Straight Pride was immediately planned.

Modesto LGBT+ non-profit MoPride Inc immediately began planning a peaceful counter-protest when the “straight pride” event was announced.

The organisation’s Pride director Zola Hayes said: “We decided that we needed to stand up and fight back against this hate in our own community, because we can’t just ignore it.

“We can’t just not give them a microphone. We have to stand up and push this hate out of our community.”

She added: “They [The NSPC] are absolutely representative of an emboldening of far-right groups that use hateful rhetoric to galvanise their base.”