Yungblud clarifies ‘trans wizard lives matter’ joke was ‘meant to spread love because I am appalled by JK Rowling’

Yungblud trans wizard lives matter

Yungblud has clarified what he meant when he wrote “trans wizard lives matter”, prompting an avalanche of backlash online.

On Thursday, to celebrate his 23rd birthday, the rock singer took to Instagram to post photos of himself dressed as a Harry Potter character, with the caption: “Thank you for all the birthday love. I luv you all so f**kin’ much.

“You make me so happy. I’ve been at Hogwarts all day. Shame JK f**kin’ sucks.”

At the end of the post, he added the hashtag “trans wizard lives matter”.

The post sparked a huge amount of criticism online, with fans feeling that he was making light of the Trans Lives Matter movement.

One wrote on Twitter: “A joke should be funny. His ‘joke’ came out as mocking trans people.

“It’s disrespectful. Know the difference about what’s right and what isn’t and don’t use ‘it’s a joke’ as an excuse.”

Yungblud later changed the hashtag on his Instagram post from “trans wizard lives matter” to “trans lives matter”, and has publicly addressed the backlash.

He wrote on Twitter: “Every single part of my being is to make people feel validated for exactly who they are. To feel safe strong and proud to breathe in their own skin.”

Then, 10 minutes later, he added: “Regarding my # it wasn’t meant to be insensitive.

“I only meant to uplift and spread love because I am appalled by what JK has said.

“I stand with the trans community with all my being. I’m with you and I will fight with you f**king every day.”

He later responded to another fan: “Transgender people belong in the wizarding world no matter how ignorant the writer may be.

“You are real. You are heard. I will be by your side fighting with you every f**kin’ day.

“That was all I was saying. If anyone felt hurt I apologise. I love you.”


Yungblud recently revealed that the track “Mars” on his new album was inspired by meeting a transgender fan, and was written in honour of the man’s story of transitioning with the support of his parents.

He told The Sun: “He told me about his story, about how nobody understood him, and it clicked with me because it reminded me of ‘Life On Mars’ by David Bowie – so I’m paying homage to that.”