Iconic bisexual writer Roxane Gay claims make-up was photoshopped onto her face while she was discussing women’s suffrage

Roxane Gay

Reuters has denied photoshopping make-up on Roxane Gay while she was giving an interview on women’s suffrage.

The bisexual feminist writer, professor and commentator was interviewed by Reuters to commemorate National Women’s Equality Day, on Wednesday (August 26).

August 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the US, and Gay was explaining via video call why Black women were left behind in the suffrage movement.

But when the video of the interview was released, Gay was surprised by her appearance.

She wrote on Twitter: “Did this short interview yesterday about women’s suffrage. I wasn’t wearing make up so I am FASCINATED by how they photoshopped (??) some on.”

The Reuters PR team responded to Gay’s claim, writing on Twitter: “No filter or other coloration was applied to the Reuters video interview with Roxane Gay, as this is strictly against our policy.

“The colour quality of the video is due to shadows from poor lighting as well as low resolution.”

Although Gay insisted that she thought it was “funny” and was “not bothered”, her followers were outraged at the alleged “violation” on her behalf.

One wrote: “Hmm, ‘glamming’ a woman without her consent kinda seems to fly in the face of a video on women’s rights.”

Gay has not addressed the explanation by Reuters.

In the video, she explained how the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage only tells “part of the story”, as Black women were not enfranchised for another 45 years, in 1965.

White suffragettes, though scoring incredible victories for women, were “incredibly short-sighted”, she said, and only focused on the rights on middle class white women.

“As long as we forget who has been left behind, not only then but now, we just really haven’t learned anything,” Gay noted.

“If we don’t all advance, none of us should advance.”

Earlier this year the writer restored everyone’s faith in humanity by offering to buy groceries for people in financial trouble because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gay said she sent money to 20 randomly picked people, and her act of kindness inspired her followers to do the same.