Me and My Penis – the Channel 4 documentary that made history by showing an erection on TV – hailed as an eye-opening success

Channel 4 to make history by showing an erect penis on UK TV

The Channel 4 documentary Me and My Penis – which made history by showing an erect penis for the first time on British television – has been hailed as a vital, eye-opening study of masculinity.

The documentary, which aired on Monday (31 August), explored the changing landscape of how men think about their penises, and examined what it means to be a man in 2020.

In Me and My Penis, British artist Ajamu X photographs and talks to a range of men about their penises, which Channel 4 bosses described as “a gate way through which to explore all sorts of aspects of masculinity”.

The powerful documentary was praised for its groundbreaking examination of masculinity on Twitter.

Me and My Penis praised for its groundbreaking approach to masculinity and male bodies.

One social media user hailed Me and My Penis as both “powerful” and “moving”.

Another said the documentary is “so much more” than just nudity, and urged others to watch it.

Others heaped praise on the documentary for tackling taboos around masculinity.

Meanwhile, sex therapist Gloria Braume said the documentary marked a “turning point in sex history, TV history, and sexual health history”.

Others noted that the documentary was “more than just a show about d**ks”.

Needless to say, social media was also awash with straight men tripping over themselves to tell their followers that they would not be watching the documentary – just in case anybody thought that looking at a penis might make them gay.

Plenty of others also rushed to social media to complain about Channel 4 daring to broadcast a penis, with many begging the broadcaster to think of the children.

But those messages were outweighed by those who praised the show for its groundbreaking approach to male bodies and masculinity.

Eight men were featured in the Channel 4 documentary.

Me and My Penis featured eight men, with each one offering their own stories ranging from infidelity to sexual abuse and violence.

The documentary also featured a trans man, who spoke about his grievances about undergoing puberty before transitioning.

Me and My Penis was described by the programme’s executive producer, Susanne Curran, as a vehicle to discuss what the multiplicity of what it means to be a man today and the ways in which these notions shape not only society but individuals, too.

“It’s been exhilarating working with Ajamu and a brilliant cast of courageous and honest men, prepared to share their most formative and intimate experiences – so often not heard,” Curran said.

Shaminder Nahal, commissioning editor at Channel 4, said: “In this funny and moving film, the penis becomes a gateway through which to explore all sorts of aspects of masculinity.”