WWE legend claims publicly confessing to brutal murder of a gay man was part of an elaborate wrestling storyline

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Marty Jannetty. (WWE)

WWE legend Marty Jannetty left the world reeling in August when he seemingly confessed to murdering a gay man and dumping his body in a river – but he has now claimed that it was all part of an elaborate wrestling story.

Jannetty, 60, who was one half of the Rockers duo with Shawn Michaels and has 20 championships under his belt, claimed in a Facebook post on 4 August that he murdered a gay drug dealer and dumped his body in the Chattahoochee River when he was just 13.

His post was later deleted after police in Columbus, Georgia, said the department’s cold case division had been assigned to investigate.

Now, the wrestling icon has claimed that the claims were fabricated as part of an extensive wrestling story – and insisted he “loves all gay people” in a lengthy diatribe posted to Facebook.

WWE star Marty Jannetty said he ‘did not murder’ a gay man at the age of 13.

“I DID NOT MURDER THAT MAN!!!” Jannetty began his post. “It was just the beginning of a damn wrestling storyline.. but OH MY GOD, OMG.. Didn’t the WORLD buy it??!! I never knew it could be that easy.”

He went on to congratulate himself for garnering media coverage across the globe, and expressed his disappointment at having to “drop” the story after police intervened.

I loves all my gay people, I just don’t float my boat on that side of the river, loves y’all tho.

“Ya know, now looking back, I shoulda done a few things differently,” Jannetty continued.

“Shoulda called the [Colorado Police Department] first, and told them what up,” he added.

He went on to clarify that there was “some truth” in his original story, and recounted an incident where a drug dealer tried to sexually abuse him when he was buying marijuana.

The dealer, according to Jannetty, was a gay man.

The wrestler said he ‘loves all my gay people’ in a lengthy Facebook post.

“I loves all my gay people, I just don’t float my boat on that side of the river, loves y’all tho,” he wrote.

Jannetty said the dealer would pay other teenage boys before sexually abusing them.

“He might have assumed I would to [sic], so in other words, the bag of weed for free… and I said, ‘Nah nah, let’s get back to work.'”

In Jannetty’s original Facebook post, he wrote: “I was 13, working at Victory Lanes bowling alley buying weed from a fag that worked there… and he put his hands on me… he dragged me around to the back of the building… you already know what he was gonna try do.”