WWE star Sami Zayn confronts homophobic wrestling fan in resurfaced video

Sami Zayn walks down the ramp of a WWE show during a match.

Resurfaced footage of wrestling star Sami Zayn shutting down a homophobic fan has us remembering why we love the Honorary Uce.

Rami Sebel, better known by his ring name Sami Zayn, was recorded telling a fan to “get outta my f***king face” during a WWE live show in 2019.

The clip was reposted on Twitter on Sunday (22 January) by the Public Enemies Podcast , which applauded the wrestler as “the absolute greatest” for his verbal takedown of the homophobe.

The altercation took place before a WWE match between opponents Shinsuke Nakamura and Bray Wyatt, where Zayn was in attendance to support Nakamura.

After overhearing a fan call him a “Canadian f****t”, Zayn immediately went over to confront him.

“Get this guy outta my f***king face, I heard your mouth,” Zayn yelled as a referee attempted to separate the two. “Homophobic moron, say it louder, say it louder for everyone else! Homophobic b**ch!”

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The fan was reportedly removed from the stadium shortly after the incident and the match went ahead as scheduled.

Fans celebrated the resurfaced clip as yet another reason why Zayn will remain one of WWE’s most beloved wrestlers.

“Every day that passes, Sami Zayn becomes an even bigger national hero,” one user wrote.

Another replied: “How the hell are you gonna start beef with Sami Zayn? The nicest guy on the roster.”

But it was the shocking anger behind Zayn’s reaction that surprised fans, considering his typically down-to-earth demeanour – proof that he has no time for anti-LGBTQ+ nonsense in the business.

“You gotta be a terrible person to get Sami this angry,” one user said, while another commented: “If Sami is yelling at you, you’re the problem.”

Fans are hoping Sami Zayn wins big at the Royal Rumble

The footage of the former Intercontinental Champion has renewed calls for him to win the upcoming Royal Rumble on Sunday (29 January).

If Zayn were to win the 30-man battle royal, he would be within a shot of bagging his first-ever WWE World Championship win.

While he hasn’t officially declared himself as a participant in the match this year, fans would be shocked not to see the superstar run into the ring considering his popularity throughout 2022.

According to news publication Wrestling Inc, former WWE star Teddy Long said that Zayn could reach new heights following the popularity of his storyline with wrestling group The Bloodline.

During a spot on Sportskeeda’s WrestleBing Long said that during a show on Monday (23 January) he pulled Zayn aside and told him: “Brother, you got it.”

Long continued: “I said, “You got it. I ain’t blowing smoke up your a**. I don’t do this. I don’t see that character in you, I see Sami Zayn. You’re just real.”

“Sami Zayn’s gonna be the next big superstar, man, if they do the right thing, if they push him right.”