Former WWE pro-wrestler confesses to murdering a gay man and dumping his body in a river

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Marty Jannetty. (WWE)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Marty Jannetty left the wrestling community stunned Wednesday (August 4) after appearing to confess to murdering a gay man when he was 13.

In a startling and since-deleted Facebook post, Jannetty, who was one half of the Rockers duo with Shawn Michaels and has 20 championships under his belt, explained how when he was 13, he bought marijuana from a gay man at a bowling alley.

The 60-year-old recalled: “This was the very first time I made a man disappear… They never found him… They shoulda looked in the Chattahoochee River,” referring to the body of water that forms the southern half of the Alabama and Georgia border.

Ex-WWE star Marty Jannetty makes rambled confession of killing a gay man. 

Law enforcement in Columbus, Georgia, told TMZ that, following the wrestler’s apparent murder confession, the department’s cold case division has been assigned to investigate.

“I was 13, working at Victory Lanes bowling alley buying weed from a f** that worked there… and he put his hands on me… he dragged me around to the back of the building… you already know what he was gonna try do,” Jannetty wrote.

A representative of the Columbus Police Department said: “We are going to look into this.”

“The first step will be seeing if we have any missing persons or unidentified remains cases that match the limited information in the post.”

Based on Jannetty’s claim that he was 13 at the time of the alleged incident, this would place it around 1973. He even admitted in the post that he hasn’t spoken about the incident to his family members.

“I never told no one this, even my brother Geno… cause Geno would’ve killed him, and I didn’t want my brother gone, hell he’d only recently came home from Viet Nam [sic].”

The post was clogged with strange ramblings from Jannetty concerning a woman named “Winnie” who, he said, “hurt” him with her “jealousy”.