‘Desperate’ drag queen called an innocent man a ‘child molester’ after being exposed as a former Tory candidate

Kitty Litter drag queen

“Desperate” drag queen Kitty Litter called an innocent man a “child molester” after he was exposed as being a former Tory candidate.

The drag queen, whose real name is William Montgomery Coughlin, lashed out at Paul Hession in a rant posted to Facebook after Hession revealed that Coughlin had once run as a candidate for the Conservative Party in local council elections, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Coughlin was charged with sending malicious communication after sharing the video.

Coughlin told Liverpool Magistrates’ Court on Friday (4 September) that he lashed out at Hession after he shared an article from The Independent on social media which revealed his political past.

The drag queen responded by recording a bizarre video in which he claimed that Hession had “interfered with young lads” and suggested that he had been diagnosed with HIV.

Prosecutor Andrew Page told the court that Hession shared the article on 29 November 2019, revealing that Coughlin had once run as a Tory candidate in Blackpool.

Drag queen Kitty Litter pleaded guilty in a Liverpool court to sending malicious communication.

Coughlin faced abuse in his bar from customers after word of his political allegiance began to spread.

The “enraged” drag queen responded by uploading the video to Facebook on 1 December.

In the shocking video, Coughlin said of Hession: “He interferes with young lads and leaves presents in their bloodstream.”

Hession said that he believed the comment was in reference to a 2013 rumour that somebody had contracted HIV after having sex with him. He said that rumour had been disproven.

He said the comment was “extremely damaging” and he feared being “ostracised from the gay community”.

Lawrence Lee, defending Coughlin, said the drag queen had pleaded guilty to the charge and said he had no other convictions.

He pleaded with the judge to recognise “the pure desperation” Coughlin felt before he posted “these unfortunate entries”.

Judge Andrew Shaw handed Coughlin a 12-month community order, along with 12 rehabilitation activity requirements.

He will also pay a £100 fine, as well as £100 in compensation to Hession as well as the cost of his prosecution.

The judge also granted a three year restraining order which will prevent him from having any contact with Hession.