Drag Race stars speak out against cruel attacks on drag queens: ‘We’re being unapologetically us’

Ella Vaday, Vanity Milan and Kitty Scott-Claus.

Drag Race UK season three stars Vanity Milan, Kitty Scott Claus and Ella Vaday spoke out against attacks on drag queens during this year’s PinkNews Awards

Drag Queen Story Hour, which brings drag queens into local communities to read story books to children has been the centre of attack in recent months from trolls protesting outside events.

Protestors have accused drag queens of being paedophiles and groomers, and caused a stir in the mainstream media claiming drag queens are not child-friendly.

Drag star Vanity Milan, who is set to return to the Drag Race franchise in Canada’s Drag Race vs the World gave their thoughts to PinkNews on the matter. 

“We keep doing what we are doing, because it is positive. We are being unapologetically us and showing the younger generation that they can be unapologetically themselves as well.”

Milan added young people are “inspired every day” by what drag queens do, simply for being themselves.

Reflecting on hateful comments and protestors, Kitty adds: “Drag is for everyone.”

Drag Race UK Kitty Scott Claus (L) and Ella Vaday (R) talk about attacks on Drag Queen Story Hour at the 2022 PinkNews Awards. (PinkNews)

Kitty Scott Claus (L) and Ella Vaday (R) at the PinkNews Awards 2022. (PinkNews)

Kitty continues: “It should be enjoyed by everyone and not be taken too seriously, come on it’s a joke.

“There are all these arguments against drag queen story time saying they don’t want children to be around drag queens. 

“But I have seen videos online of people at a strip club with a child – we don’t do that. We sing them songs and have a laugh.”

Her co-star and touring partner Ella agrees, adding: “Drag is just an escapism like theatre and films and Netflix. You go to a drag show, have a laugh, it’s fine.” 

“No one has an issue when it is a pantomime and there is a straight guy dressing up but as soon as it’s queer people, bing bang bong – issue,” Kitty concludes.

One particular queen who has been under fire is Aida H Dee, a 27-year-old drag queen who founded Drag Queen Story Hour UK and told PinkNews in July: “What I would say is that these people are the drive behind what I do.

“They think I’m sexualising children – [they] have used the words sex and gender more than I ever have in my story hours. So if anyone is sexualising children, it’s them.”
Elsewhere at the PinkNews Awards 2022, supported by joint headline sponsors Lloyds Banking Group and United Airlines, Aida H Dee further explained: “People die from not having a role model, the power of Drag Queen Story Hour is saving lives.”