Pete Buttigieg had the perfect clap back for Amy Coney Barrett after she used a homophobic dogwhistle

Pete Buttigieg

Few LGBT+ people missed the discriminatory dogwhistle Amy Coney Barrett used in her confirmation hearing, and Pete Buttigieg wasn’t one of them.

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee alarmed many by referring to sexuality as a “preference,” a troubling choice of words that suggests being queer is a choice.

“I have never discriminated on the basis on the basis of sexual preference and would never discriminate on the basis of sexual preference,” she falsely claimed after pleading ignorance to her extensive ties to an anti-LGBT+ hate group.

She later tried to play it off with a limp apology, but Buttigieg was having none of it.

“My *preference* is that the winner of this presidential election should choose the next justice,” he tweeted moments after Barrett’s remark.

Pete Buttigieg is the narrator of the 2020 election season.

His perfectly-timed clap back was retweeted over 32,000 times — the latest in a series of viral critiques from the former presidential hopeful in the run up to the election.

The same day, Pete Buttigieg appeared on CNN to warn that confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court could re-open the legal debate about same-sex marriage.

“My main concern is that they seem to be wanting to put marriage equality back on the table,” he told Chris Cuomo.

“This was a move that America made, a move forward that we made five years ago, in the belief that there was no going back. And yet, we saw two justices, on the conservative majority, that’s already seated on the court, just last week, write in ways that made it sound like they’re ready to go back on that.

“And just imagine, if this doesn’t already affect you, and you’re watching this at home, imagine how you would feel, watching this committee proceeding, if you knew that your marriage only existed by a one-vote margin on this court.”