Thousands troll Donald Trump by dancing to the YMCA outside the White House – and they’re fully endorsed by the Village People

Crowds troll Donald Trump by dancing the YMCA outside the White House

The Village People gave their blessing to the thousands of Joe Biden supporters who trolled Donald Trump in the best way possible after his stunning election defeat – dancing to his favourite campaign song, the “YMCA”, outside the White House.

Trump, on many cursed occasions, walked to the stump during his re-election rallies to “YMCA” – a song that definitely is not about queer sex. Definitely not.

He even signed-off his social media campaign with a haunting, nightmare-inducing mega-mix video of him attempting to dance to the 1978 anthem.

But with a Biden victory announced, scenes of jubilation swept across America within minutes. Thousands packed the thoroughfares around the White House in Washington, DC, and quickly danced to “YMCA”.

Joe Biden supporters triumphantly troll Donald Trump with ‘YMCA’, the song he played at his re-election rallies.

The Village People themselves welcomed the “re-claiming of YMCA”, the band wrote on its official Twitter account, coming just a day after they threatened the Trump campaign with legal action for their continued use of the song.

In a statement, Jonathan Belolo, son of Village People founding member Henri Belolo, hit out at Trump for his “illicit appropriation” of the song, as reported by Huffington Post

Jonathan Belolo, who is also president of the French record label Scorpio Music, said: “The beneficiaries of (band co-founders) Messrs Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo, like the company Scorpio Music, owner of the work, discovered with amazement this illicit appropriation, which is more for partisan and electoral purposes of Donald Trump, which they would never have accepted.”

It comes after Victor Willis, the only original member of the Village People, begged Trump in June to stop using their songs at rallies.

But it wasn’t just the presidential residence where Biden voters blasted “YMCA” out of overhead speakers.

In Philadelphia, people poured out to groove to the song, breaking out into its iconic dance moves by street corners while cheering, hugging and waving “Trump Out” signs.

With the same done over in New York City.