Viral comic Sarah Cooper ‘grabs ’em by the p***y’ with Helen Mirren while Glee star Jane Lynch plays a racist Karen in Netflix special

Jane Lynch wearing a denim jacket and classic short, spiky Karen hairstyle

Sarah Cooper’s new Netflix special sends up Donald Trump’s infamous boast about sexually assaulting women, and stars Jane Lynch as a racist Karen.

Having conquered TikTok with her hilarious Trump lip-syncs, Cooper has joined the big leagues on Netflix with an absurd fake morning news show.

Among the highlights of Everything’s Fine, released to Netflix Tuesday (October 27), is an “exclusive look” at Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape, in which he boasted about sexually harassing women.

The 2005 recording, which resurfaced during the 2016 election campaign, saw Trump brag about grabbing women “by the p***y” as host Billy Bush laughed along.

Sarah Cooper and Helen Mirren on a bus

Sarah Cooper is joined by Helen Mirren aboard Trump bus. (Netflix)

Cooper plays Trump with Helen Mirren as Bush in the re-enactment, which the LA Times called “somehow even more disturbing than the real thing”.

Jonathan Van Ness plays Arianne Zucker, the actor whom Trump and Bush spoke about in a separate segment of the Access Hollywood tape.

Jane Lynch joins Sarah Cooper Netflix special as the ultimate Karen.

Another sketch sees Glee star and Carole Baskin fan Jane Lynch playing a racist pastry chef named K.J. Dillard.

The K in more than one way stands for Karen, as we find out when Lynch calls 911 on the “70 per cent Africo-American” Sarah Cooper over a gut feeling “she’s up to no good”.

Elsewhere in the hour, Whoopi Goldberg makes a cameo appearance narrating a documentary on Karens, Jon Hamm plays a spoof of fake COVID “cure” peddler Mike Lindell, and Marissa Tomei plays Satan.

There are also appearances from Megan Thee Stallion, Connie Chung, Winona Ryder and Maya Rudolph, who directs with Natasha Lyonne.

Everything’s Fine is the cherry on top of a stellar year for Cooper, who quit her job as a Google product designer in 2014 to pursue comedy full time.

After limited success with a series of satirical self-help manuals (100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings and How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings), she went viral at the start of lockdown lip-syncing to Donald Trump’s infamous bleach injection press conference.