Man hurls vile racist and homophobic abuse an NHS staff in ‘one of the worst tantrums’ police had ever seen

Man hurls racist and homophobic abuse at NHS staff during 'tantrum'

Scottish man Adam Wilson has been sentenced after throwing “one of the worst tantrums” local police had ever dealt with, hurling racist and homophobic abuse in an NHS hospital.

Wilson, 22, was at Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, on 21 September, 2019, when he was told by doctors that he could go home and follow up with his GP.

According to the Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser, during a hearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday (19 November) prosecutor Kristina Kelly said: “It’s understood the accused had attended in relation to a health matter.

“He did not take kindly to being told to see his GP, and shouted ‘you are f**king joking’ towards the doctor.”

Kelly said that when Wilson was asked to leave by a nurse, he yelled: “Yous are a f**king joke.”

After security was called, Wilson “continued to shout and act aggressively in front of frail patients and other hospital users”.

As security guided the 22-year-old out to the carpark, he repeatedly shouted “f**k the Pope“, and punched a wall. He added: “I may as well kill someone and get arrested.”

When security informed him that the police were on the way, he told them: “Snitches get stitches.”

Kelly continued: “He began to sing a sectarian song that refers to a tin flute and included the words ‘f**k the Pope and the IRA’. The area he was in was near the children’s waiting room – and the windows were open.”

When police officers arrived to arrest him in the carpark of the NHS hospital, he continued to hurl abuse, using homophobic language towards one and racist language towards another. He also called them “speccy c***s”.

Defending, Murray Aitken said of the incident, which took place at 10.30am: “There’s no logical reason for his behaviour, other than him being told he was now fit to go home. He had consumed a vast quantity of alcohol and Valium.

“He is embarrassed and ashamed of his appalling behaviour on this occasion.”

Adam Wilson pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive behaviour, aggravated by racial, sectarian and homophobic prejudice, and has been sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid work. He will also remain under social work supervision for two years.

“This was one of the worst tantrums I’ve ever heard of in a hospital,” sheriff Derek Livingston told him.

“Were it not for the fact that you are a first offender the court would have no alternative but to send you to custody.”